Pride and Prejudice


Dancing in a Burning Room Cover by Micheal Henry and Justin Robinett

When Elizabeth starts to know Darcy and thinks he is a bad person yet she still yearns for his attention. 1:58-2:28
Slow Dancing in A Burning Room (Michael Henry and Justin Robinett Cover) Lyrics

The Popular Thing by Jukebox the Ghosts

Plays in the background of the first ball. Kinda a song Mrs. Bennett would have being played, since the "popular" thing back then was to find a rich man to marry. 0:54-1:04
Jukebox the Ghost - "The Popular Thing" (Official Audio)

Carousel by Melanie Martinez

Jane still falling for Mr. Bingley as she cannot help it and asks about him (obviously still in love with him whether or not she admits it). 1:15-1:27
Melanie Martinez - Carousel (Official Video)

Just Another Girl by The Killers

A good movie ending song. The whole time Darcy is unsure of his feelings for Elizabeth but both him and her do not care for the customs of marriage back then. 0:34-1:08
The Killers - Just Another Girl