Enlightenment period

Wes h

Important figure

Diderot-he when to the university of Paris to for fill his fathers hopes to be a lawyer or part of the church.but instead of that he acomplished to be the one who created and wrot e the encyclopedia witch was a major tool in the philosophes crusade against the old French society

Part one

Separation of power-it's the form of government.which has the judicial and legislative control the checks and balances.

Deism-a eighteenth-century religious philosopher.and it was based on reason and the right for natural law.

Laissez-faire-basiclly the world means let people do what they want. Also for them to leave the government alone and let the people rule

Social contract -the whole point is to say that the people have to agree to fallow the general will.if you didn't they would force you to.


Architect and art

One of the greatest architects was Balthasar Neumann. He was the one who created the two master pieces of the church of the fourteen saints in southern Germany.the art was really big back in this time.


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