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Marion ISD

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He Stepped First - @jonharper70bd

  • “Never again did he get the bad class.” Amazing, it’ll make you think. #miched
  • Tweet via @benjamingilpin, 7/5/15, 5:35am

Why Teachers Need to Keep Going Even When It’s Hard

"...Realize that we have a choice as we retreat into our homes at night and lock our doors and contemplate what we shall do on the morrow. Surely our problems are far less. Most of our problems aren’t hell. They are hard. Sometimes they are hell. But not always."


Monday, October 19th -

  • Reteach PBIS expectations

Tuesday, October 20th -

  • Reteach PBIS expectations

  • PBIS mtg., library, 8-8:30am

  • 2nd grade team - FAST data mtg., ICN room @ the HS, all-day

  • EE out-of-the-building, Leadership team mtg., MHSAP, 9-11am

  • Families And Schools Together, 5:30-8pm

Wednesday, October 21st -

  • Happy Birthday to Shelley Miller!

  • Reteach PBIS expectations

  • Virtual, grade-level, tier one PLC meetings, before-school
  • 1st grade team - FAST data mtg., ICN room @ the HS, all-day

  • K field trip to Kroul's Farm/pumpkin patch, 9-11am

  • District PD committee/meeting, 3:45-4:30pm

Thursday, October 22nd -

  • America Reads

  • Reteach PBIS expectations

  • 1st grade MTSS tier 2/3 mtg., reading room, 8-8:30am

  • EE out-of-the-building, Principal as Instructional Leader in K-3 Literacy PD, PM

Friday, October 23rd -

  • Reteach PBIS expectations


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