The Impact of the Printing Press

By Payton Logan

Johann Gutenberg

He was a German metalworker who invented the first mechanized printing press in 1452. In "The Printing Press and Its '"impact"'on Literacy" it says in paragraph 2 "Gutenberg did not invent the printing press, but rather conceived the idea of movable type."

The Printing Press

The printing press helped information spread faster. It also led to consistent spelling, grammar, and punctuation. It made books easy to be made so it also made them more affordable and available to the public. The more books that were made, made it easy for people to learn how to read and write. In some cases the student was knew more than teacher. In paragraph 6 of "The Printing Press and Its '"impact"' on Literacy" it says " The printing press has also been described as a driving factor in creating significant cultural and religious transformation throughout Europe." Europe was the place with the most printing presses

The spread of Printing Press

How the Printing Press help the Spread of Columbus's Letter

Columbus's Letter

In "The diffusion of Columbus's Letter through Europe, "1493-1497" according to the map the first letter was sent to the Spanish Court in Lisbon. Then just in year 1493 it spread all across Europe and 4 copies made it to Paris.