History Research Project

By: Sara Cockrell and Steven Day, 1st Period Mrs.Noel


When Samuel Adams cousin, John Adams, didn't take his wife's request seriously, Abigail Adams wrote to her friend, Mercy Otis Warren, and asked her to join in a petition-writing campain to Congress on behalf of women.

Mercy Otis Warren

Mercy Otis Warren was born in Barnstable, Massachusetts on September 24, 1728. She met her husband, James Warren, at age 16 but married ten years later on November 14, 1754. Both her brother, James Otis Jr., and her husband were involved in the conflict with Great Britain. When her brother was brutally beaten and left with permanent brain damage, Mercy Otis Warren became committed to carrying on his work in the form of pamphlet writing. One of her most important written works was 3 volumes and was widely read but apparently never performed. This ardent patriot died on October 19, 1814 in Plymouth Massachusetts. She has made a lasting impact on American history through family, friends, and dedication.
Mercy Otis Warren Documentary by Emma Kolb

Samuel Adams

Samuel Adams was born in Boston Massachusetts, September 27th, 1722. Although he had a Master's degree in law and business, he was a unsuccessful in tax collector. But he prevailed in journalism, founding his very own newspaper, "The Independent Advertiser", advocating republicanism and independence from Britain. Years later, Adams founded a secret society named the Sons of Liberty, a group pent on sabotaging British trade and propaganda in order to gather enthusiasm for a revolution. One of the most famous of these missions was the Boston Tea Party. 20-30 men and women stormed onto a British tea ship and dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars in today's money into the Boston Harbor. This event is one of few that set Britain off enough to declare war on the 13 Colonies. Adams and Adams alone planned and executed a mission that gave the colonies the courage to defeat the empire that has lasted thousands of years. Had the Tea Party never happened, the colonies may have never broken away from British rule. This great American patriot died on October 2nd, 1803.
Samuel Adams on American Independence (1776)


Sara~ Mercy Otis Warren

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