Chaos Theory

By Teja Tummuru, Samhita Bondada, Akshara Ganesh

Our Universal Truth/tag line

Chaos Spreads like Falling Dominos

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In “The Sound of Thunder,” the chaos theory occurred because society became dumber, the people's views changed, and a different man ruled the country, simply because a butterfly died. The message about chaos theory that is being conveyed is that chaos can occur from the smallest actions and spread very fast and end in a huge change. The story also sends the message that the meaning of life is to stick to the right path and correct choices or chaos will initiate and spread quickly. The man stepped off the path and doomed the whole country to a dumber lifestyle, so the story is telling us not to step off the correct path or drastic reactions shall occur. An example of a real life chaos theory I have seen is that there was a little boy and right before he went swimming, his mom told him to watch out for sharks. He didn't know what a shark looked like, except that it looked kind of like a fish and with this minimal knowledge, he went swimming in the ocean and after going in a bit deep, he saw a fish. He had never seen that fish before, so assumed it was a shark and immediately swam back onto land screaming and relayed the whole incident to his mother. His mother panicked not knowing that he had only seen a fish, so she started screaming and some people near her heard her cries of a shark which led to everyone panicking after the rumor of a shark in the water spread, but then they figured out what happened and everything went back to normal. The boy had seen a small fish and made a big deal out of it thinking that he saw a shark, so it did become a big deal and caused chaos. The news of the boy seeing a shark spread around to everyone like dominos falling one by one and the chaos spread. The boy made something small and harmless seem dangerous to over 500 people and this fits with the story’s message because it also conveys that chaos spreads very quickly once it starts. We thought of dominos when we pictured the chaos theory and that is how we came up with our tagline.