January 29th


This week while learning about Hot Rod, we spent some time working on our comprehension. We read and listened to many stories about how he built The Fast Cat out of an old baby carriage and other broken parts. He raced the Fast Cat, got a flat tire, repaired the flat tire, and played with Doc and her action figures. Throughout all of these stories, we discussed the story by asking and answering many questions about our reading. We have continued to develop our understanding of characters, setting, problem and solution. Coming up, we will read about many more adventures the Superkids will go on throughout the year.


We are wrapping up our Combinations within 5 unit. Not only did we learn how addition and subtraction are related, we learned how to distinguish between different equations by understanding the plus and minus signs. We were given a page of equations that were missing the plus or minus sign. Based on the numbers in the equation we needed to figure out if we should add or subtract to finish the equation. It was a great way to demonstrate our understanding of addition and subtraction. We also practiced addition and subtraction facts (within 5) repeatedly by playing Quiz, Quiz, Trade. Check and see how fluently your kindergartener knows these basic facts! In the next few weeks, we will take a short break from addition and subtraction in order to work on our Comparing and Measuring Unit.
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When reading, Hot Rod's Sharing Solution, we heard about how Doc and Hot Rod were playing with action figures. We decided to take the green man and blue woman action figures on our own adventures. We started by drawing a picture of the action figures in an exciting setting. Then, we added a sentence to describe the adventure they were on.
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