Play Ball

Did you know that women played in MLB ?

Women in MLB?

Women played in the MLB because men playing baseball were sent off to fight in WW2. The league ran from 1943-1954.

Q & A with Mrs.Fran Russmann

1. Q.What is your favorite position to play? A. Second base.

2. Q. What is the thing that she disliked the most? A. Getting strawberries when you slide.

3. Q. What is the most important thing that she learned? A. Having fun and learning sportsmanship.

When women played they had to wear skirts unlike men who had to wear pants.

A movie was made ,it was about women playing in MLB.

Why did women play in MLB?

The owner of the Chicago Cubs decided to let women play because he wanted the sport going while the men were gone.

Made By : Aaron and Kamarrie

Sometimes Fran Russmann had to take streetcars to practices.