Writing OUT LOUD!

women testing the "writing waters"


Are you feeling called to go 'beyond your journal' and get your writing out in the world in a bigger way (a blog, articles, creative writing ... maybe even a book?). Does the very thought of saying that out loud feel like an edge to you?

Have you ever thought, hmm ....wouldn't it be great to have a place to practice first?

Manifestation alert! This group is THE perfect place to practice, to play with your edge, whatever that means to you. Maybe you are not an experienced writer, maybe you have closets full of journal writing, maybe you don’t know what your focus is yet, maybe you’ve never shared your work before….whatever it is for you, this is the place to create, share, grow and get past it.

4-week Virtual Writing Group

Get creative and get support. No experience necessary (in some ways actually better if you don’t have any experience). All you will need is a desire to grow (that’s required!) We’re going to experiment for 4 weeks: sharing, giving honest feedback and receiving. You will be given creative prompts each week (with short exercises because I know we’re all busy) and asked to post and receive. The intention is for everyone to feel like they have made major progress on their own writing and significant strides toward stepping into their brilliance.

by the end of 4 weeks you will KNOW WHAT YOUR STRENGTHS are and WHAT THE STORY IS YOU NEED TO TELL.



Easy and fun 4-weeks of writing with a small group of amazing women. We'll be posting weekly visual prompts and the challenge will be to post a short (blog-post size 300ish words or less) response. You'll be able to read other's posts and find the gifts in their pieces too. The intention is to be encouraging, supportive, creative and get over any fear you may have around hitting a 'send' button on your own piece of writing.


Online. This is a secret Facebook group (so you must be invited to join and no one except members can see anything – even that you’re a member of the group)


June 3 through June 30.


We consider this a sacred circle and are picky about who joins. To qualify you need to be amazing, considerate, kind, compassionate, honest, generous, friendly and fun… and a woman who wants to write.


$77.00 for 4 weeks

Number 77 means:

(According to Doreen Virtue's Angel Numbers Book)

"Congratulations! You're on the right path mentally and
physically. Stick to your intentions and stand your ground."

Frequently Asked Questions...

IMAGINE: finding your voice, getting publishing practice, connecting with a community of amazing women...AND becoming a more confident writer in just 4-weeks!

Your guides and co-writers

Debbie Sipowicz, www.CreativelyEmpowered.com (coming soon) is a Speaker, Teacher, and Certified Coach. She started speaking primarily as way to build her Health Coaching business and soon discovered that ‘speaking up’ was about a lot more than delivering a competent presentation. She now wholeheartedly believes nothing but ‘good things’ come from finding your voice, written, spoken or otherwise. Debbie helps other creative, spirited, intelligent women who are ready to step into something bigger find the clarity, they are looking for to stand up, speak up, and make the extraordinary happen.


Diane Rakocy, www.dianerakocy.com is an Artist, Teacher, World Traveler, and Wisdom Seeker. She has exhibited and commissioned her paintings worldwide and has collectors across the planet. She also co-leads international Art-Yoga Retreats in amazing parts of the world (think Bali, Morocco, etc.). She believes that everyone is innately artistic and that the journey to discover one's own creative voice and actually own that voice (aka saying it out loud) is chock full of (mostly self-imposed) challenges. She now helps other creative, spirited, intelligent women discover their own inner-artist as a means to discover their own beautiful voice.

Want to Join us?

Women Writing OUT LOUD!

Tuesday, June 3rd, 9am

This is an online event.

TO REGISTER: Contact debbie at 650 / 440-5103, debbie@creativelyempowered.com or send a Facebook message (debbie sipowicz)

COST = $77.00 (payable via Paypal or check - we'll send a link once you rsvp).


ask away. Call debbie at (650) 440-5103 or email debbie@creativelyempowered.com
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