The Great Debate

March 3-7

Topic: "Weberian-style bureaucracies are no longer typical of modern organisations."

1. Round One - Initial Argument (4 marks)- must be posted by Tuesday, at 11:55 p.m. E.C. time/10:55 p.m. JA time.

2. Round Two - First Rebuttal (3 marks) - After each group member has posted his/her argument, you must then attempt to rebut at least one argument that takes an opposite view to yours. (So if you argued in the positive, you must rebut a negative position). Your rebuttal must also be based on the readings or other research.

Your Round Two Rebuttal must be posted by Thursday, at 11:55 p.m. E.C. time/10:55 p.m. JA time.

3. Round Three - Response (3 marks)– If your initial posting was rebutted by a member of the opposition, then you must go in and defend your position and try and negate his/her rebuttal. If for some reason your initial statement was not responded to then feel free to go in and help defend or bolster one of your team-mates original positions.

4. If time allows continue to respond to each rebuttal.

Your Round Three Response must be posted by Friday, at 11:55 p.m. E.C. time/10:55 p.m. JA time.

Will Your Team Claim Bragging Rights...?

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