Who Wants Brisket and Salsa?

hint: you do

Brisket is back, and it brought a friend!

This week I will be smoking brisket again using post oak. Some of you have asked when I will be selling the tomatillo salsa I've been bringing to shindigs around here, and the answer is: now. I will be making a small (limited edition?) batch of it this week. I anticipate a yield of roughly 14 lbs of meat. As always, the early bird gets the worm so get some brisket and salsa while supplies last!

Brisket and Salsa

Monday, June 6th, 5pm

842 Ravenhurst Drive

Rockwall, TX


  • Brisket: $12/lb, sold by the oz
  • Salsa: $3.50 per 8oz container