Animal Cruelty and Rights

By: Emma Boudreau

Humans hurting Animals, Animals hurting Humans.

My six word story is representing two perspectives, one from the humans and one from the animals. In the world there are many humans who decide to abuse animals either because they just want to do it or they are doing it selfishly because an animal wasn't following an instruction or not doing something right. These humans can hurt the animals temporarily, forever, or even hurt them so much that they kill it. This is not right. So thinking about this maybe makes you realize, what happens if it was the other way around in this world. What would happen if animals were dominant over humans and we were the animal's so called "pets". Would they abuse us because we have done it to them? Or would they have their own voice and speak what is right and not do it at all? Animals may not be able to speak our languages but they do have feelings to and abusing them is just like abusing another human.

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Who is doing the Abusing and What is being abused?

Every day there are animals being abused in the United States and everyday many of those abused animals die because of it. Intentional cruelty and abuse are strongly correlated with other crimes including violence with people. It was found that in 2002 many people who were abusing animals also needed mental and/or social health services. It was also found later on that those people were cut down a lot because they found that most of the abusers were predominantly male and 30 and under while animal hoarders were found to be females and 60 and over. The most common victims in the United States are dogs and cats. There are many other animals that are abused everyday as well. For example, gorillas, tigers, and elephants.

Types of Abuse

People traffic, hit, and kill animals for purposes no one really knows. There is also dog and cock fighting in the United States as well. Dog fighting is opposing two game dogs against each other in a ring or a pit for the entertainment of the dog men. Cock fighting is when two roosters are specifically bred for aggression are placed beak to beak in a small ring and are encouraged to fight to the death. These two animal fighting types are both illegal in the United States but still happen everyday and the men don't get caught. Some other types are neglection, hoarding, shooting, fighting, beating, mutilation, throwing, and stabbing.

How can we help?

Animal abuse is not just on the United States this is happening all over the world in all countries. Today there are many different societies, groups, and animal patrol officers who try to stop animal abuse like the Humane Society and the ASPCA. You can donate money and your time to these societies and many more to help with their efforts.
Sarah McLachlan SPCA Commercial

Unit 1:

Animal abuse connects to unit 1 because it happens all around the world everyday. It is a part of globalization because it connects to cultures, economies, environments, and technology. It is a part of culture because with people in different countries they do it as a part of what they believe in. For example, in Asia they have very different foods then we do in the United States and many of it comes from exotic animals and animal abuse. Food is a major part of culture in Asia. Economy is a part of animal abuse because many people abuse animals and skin them for example and then use their fur to make rugs and get money off of it. Animal abuse connects to the environment because when people abuse animals to the point where they die they are killing some of the food chain in the wild. In the wild everything depends on each other for food and what they produce to keep life going. When an animal gets removed that's one less animal to help produce more of that animal and less food for everyone else in the wild. Lastly, animal abuse connects to technology because it is out on the internet and social media everywhere. Every week there is at least one story of someone abusing an animal locally and worldwide.
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Unit 2:

Animal abuse connects to unit 2 because a lot of mexican drug trafickers own exotic pets and use them as vessals to get drugs across borders. These trafickers also attend cockfighting, dogfighting, and some also abuse their animals. The following video shows more information:
Pets owned by a Mexican Drug Lord

Unit 3:

Animal abuse connects to unit 3 because it connects to exploitation and competition. When someone abuses an animal it can be in many ways and exploiting an animal out of a country can be one of the ways. Usually we see exploiting with humans but it can also happen with many different types of animals too. Animal abuse also connects to unit 3 because of competition. Dogfighting is a type of animal abuse and there is a lot of competition between the dog men with who has the better dog.

Unit 4:

Animal abuse connects to unit 4 because animals should have rights just like some humans do. Humans have rights that make us human and that protect us from a lot of things in this world. Animals should have just as many. Animal abuse is not right and neither is taking away a human's rights. These two things connect because they are both taking something away from either an animal or a human.
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What can I do to help?

There are many organizations like the Humane Society and ASPCA that I can join to help efforts with stopping animal abuse. I can also volunteer at local animal hospitals and spread the word about animal abuse to local schools, businesses, and friends and family to prevent it from happening.

Future Societal Impacts

In the future if animal abuse continues on it may just become a constant thing that everyone starts to do. The societal impacts will become worse because everyone will think its right if it becomes a continuous thing in the future.

What would happen if animal was dealt with:

If animal abuse was dealt with then our world would be a completely different place. Most crimes that deal with drugs and alcohol are the leading cause of animal abuse and if animal abuse was to stop the crime rate would go down. Not only would the crime rate go down but the world would be a peaceful place as well because animals would be treated fairly and people who are against animal abuse wouldn't have to worry anymore.

What would happen if animal abuse is not dealt with:

"People don't stop because they don't want to, they forget that animals and humans have the same rights, to live without fear of being tested on or locked in a cage for their entire life. The majority of humans see animals as lesser beings, truth is though without animals there are no humans. But the the sad truth is until everyone see's that humans and animals are equals, the cruelty will most likely not stop for a long time." This is an enonomous quote I found that I think really connects well to if animal abuse is not dealt with. This person really explained what animals and humans don't have and how it can be fixed but if humans don't stop then animal abuse will continue on.
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