Multi Media Independent Study

By: Riley Ross

Animal Training

This Smore will talk about what I learned and researched about animal training. For my independent study I chose animal training, it was something different and I love animals. It is cool to look in to something new that nobody else really did. This topic is important to study because none of the movies/films would be interesting and realistic. If you also wanted to do a short film on your own with any animal, you would need to know the basics..

Dog training

For example, dog training is a challenge because there are many distractions; that is for any animal too. It helps to start training a dog for films at an early age (sit, stay, lay, roll over, etc) because it helps them later.
When training a dog you have to give positive enforcement. Treats also help to keep the "cue" in their heads. When talking to a dog you also have to have a pleasant note. Dogs memorize syllables and tones. Hand signals and hand motions teach the dog know what to do and when to do it. These exercises are the basics to training a dog in the big city.

Hollywood Paws

Hollywood Paws is an exclusive training facility to help owners turn their pets into a movie star! They provide opportunity to train a family pet to go into the movie business. Hollywood Paws also provide an education on how they train pets.

They have had some successful pets be in Toyota commercials, K Mart commercials, Audi and more.

Hollywood Paws has different training levels based on the pets experience. Such as Hollywood Paws Level I, II, III and Graduate.

Action Animals

Action Animals trains wild animals instead of pets. Such as bears, tigers, baboons, cougars, wolves, and foxes. It might be a dangourous job as the trainer but you soon have an amazing friend.

Gerry Therrien is a pro animal trainor. He has worked withe Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks, John Travolta, and Jackie Chan. Gerry has also been in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the Jungle Book, and Burger King Commercials.

Some of the Crew

Famous Animal Trainers

Brian Staples

Brian Staples is a world famous animal trainer. He is the founder of Staples Safari Zoo. He has been on Discovery Network, National Geographic channel, and the History channel. His trained animals have worked with actors such as Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, and Jim Carry.

Frank H. Burger

Frank H Burger trained animals from monkeys to elephants. He trained a chimpanzee named chippy who appeared on t.v a couple of times. Chippy appeared on Saturday Night Live and Spin City. Frank died apparently to a heart failure, he will always be known as one of the best.