Victor Early Childhood School

April 2021

Dear Families,

I wanted to provide you an update on how things will look when students return to five days per week, in person learning, hopefully on April 26th.

We have been working hard to sort out big and small details. One of our biggest challenges is providing lunches where students are six feet apart. Some of our classes will eat lunch in the board room, some will eat lunch in our cafeteria, and some may be assigned to alternate locations. We are striving to remove the students from classrooms at lunch time. This will look different than in past years due to the requirement to keep students six feet apart. At this time we have one student per lunch table.

We are also making plans to provide students a snack break while still keeping them six feet apart, since they will be unmasked while eating. Some classrooms will take the students outside for snack on good weather days and some teachers will stagger snack times so that the students are not all eating at once. This will especially be important in our smaller classrooms, which are mostly on the west side of the building.

We are expecting that arrival and dismissal will look fairly different simply because of the larger number of students. There is also the potential for increased traffic on campus, so we expect that arrival and dismissal will go slowly at first and that we will need "all hands on deck." Some parents will probably need to update their child's transportation form if there are changes due to childcare with students attending five days per week. I attached the form in the link below.

Learning for our remote learners will probably look different, and we are still working on these details. Many of our students have returned to in-person learning. At this point there are only about 30 students who will continue learning remotely.

I truly appreciate the support of the Victor community during these challenging times. The gift of time this past Wednesday made a big difference in the comfort level of our teachers, and I am sure that will only improve as we move forward.

Finally, a reminder that only at-home instruction will be expected for April 21st so that our staff can continue preparing for a full return. If your child is a member of the gold cohort in the hybrid model, the in-person learning on that day will be replaced by the virtual lessons (lesson 66 for 1st and lesson 67 for K) in the learning calendar. If your child is in the blue cohort, they will engage in the virtual learning set (set A) on that day as normal. If your child is a remote student, there are no changes to your routine. Please continue to take attendance on that day, but you do not have to complete the health screening.

Thanks so much for your support!


Monica Macaluso, EdD, Interim Principal