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Let's Celebrate February Promotions!

Charlotte Pottieger- Associate Director

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Hometown: Charlottesville, VA - Currently living in Lawrenceville, NJ
Start Date: August 2013
Stats: I am a newlywed and a Pure Barre teacher. I'm also an active volunteer in the Junior League and have a cat and a dog.
Fave Part of S&D Business: Helping other women achieve their goals.
3 Month Goal: Heart of Leadership and promote to Director by Hoopla!

Mollie Gossett- Star Stylist

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Hometown: Aledo, IL
Start Date: August 26,2015
Stats: Mother of 3, wife, lover of fashion
Fave Part of S&D Business: I love being able to make other women feel beautiful by helping them pick out jewelry they love!
3 Month Goal: My 3 month goal is to promote to Star and to continue to hit higher sales numbers month after month

Britten Parker- Star Stylist

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Richmond, va

Start date- mid January

Son named Reese- almost 4

Husband- Dave

Three dogs- chili, Hudson, Truman

Work full time as a leadership facilitator teaching and coaching adults on how to be better leaders.

Favorite part of s&d- relationships with awesome supportive women

3 month goal- maintain star, share this opportunity with friends who I believe would benefit from the stylist life. Contribute to causes that I care about to better our community!

Samantha Reed- Star Stylist

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Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Start Date: 11/21/15
Stats: Newly wed, 5th grade teacher, lab lover
Fave Part of S&D Business: Spreading the natural joy that comes with being a stylist and being able to make just as much money as I do teaching every month! AND it's something I love!
3 Month Goal: Associate Director!

Linda Beasley- Senior Stylist

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My Hometown is Raleigh NC

My start date was 4/2/15

I'm retired from the telecommunications industry,

I'm a dog mom, love to travel and I'm an avid reader

My favorite part of Stella & Dot is helping other women

See their beauty inside and out.
My 3 month goal is to make it to Hoopla!

Lindsay Dixon- Senior Stylist

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Hometown: Jerseyville, IL

Start Date: June 31, 2015

Stats: 1st grade teacher, part-time teller at a local bank on weekends and in the summers, enjoys being active in sports, and loves being with family and friends

Fave Part of S&D Business: The amazing products and the extra income it provides me each month

3 month goal: Continue to grow my team and hit STAR Stylist

I'm not sure if this picture will work but I have attached a picture of my brother and I. He is one of the reasons I am a Stella & Dot Stylist and and he just recently passed away in a car accident. This business has really helped me in more ways then one and currently is helping me contribute to his scholarship in his memory by donating my commissions from a trunk show I set up for him.

Susan Voss- Senior Stylist

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Kara Viorel- Senior Stylist

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Amanda Halfpenny- Associate Stylist

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Michelle Workman- Associate Stylist

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Hometown - Currently living in Tazewell, VA
Start Date - January 2015
Stats - Virginia Tech Alum (Go Hokies!), Development Coordinator for Virginia Tourism Corporation (Virginia is for Lovers), married to my best friend & cat lover.
Fave Part of S&D Business - The community of women by far is my favorite part and pretty accessories doesn't hurt either. Oh and the jewels! :)
3 Month Goal - Re-promote to Associate Stylist then promote to Senior Stylist and sponsor, sponsor, sponsor!

Julie Serenyi- Associate Stylist

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Ashley Erwin- Associate Stylist

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Rebecca Perry- Associate Stylist

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Hometown: Elon, NC
Start Date: October 26, 2015
Stats (an example would be mother of 2, previous realtor, love to decorate and garden) Project manager for an ad agency by day, jewelry goddess on nights/weekends. I'm also recently engaged, a dog mom to a 13-year-old black lab/shepherd mix named Princess Leia, and I love to travel.
Fave Part of S&D Business: It's hard to choose my favorite (because there are SO many great things about being a stylist) but I have to say that empowering other women has been so fulfilling for me. Also, I feel like I am part of this huge sisterhood and I love that we all encourage each other, rather than compete.
3 Month Goal: Senior Stylist is next!

Michelle Garner- Associate Stylist

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Hometown – I am originally from Maryland, but have lived for the past 21 years in Virginia Beach, VA
Start Date - January 19, 2016. I am still in my jumpstart. J
Stats (an example would be mother of 2, previous realtor, love to decorate and garden) - I am a mother of 2 and a full time employee for the city school system. I spend my weekends with my family and absolutely love the beach!
Fave Part of S&D Business – My favorite part of the business is the amazing jewelry. Jewelry is a 5 minute part of your morning, but can make such a big difference in your day!!!
3 Month Goal – This is my first promotion to Associate. I made Lead and Associate while in my jumpstart with Stella and Dot. My goal is to continue to promote Stella and Dot and it’s amazing line of accessories. I would definitely like to continue to grow my team as well. I currently have 2 ladies in my downline and I would love to have more. I hope to be able to share my love to S&D with as many people as possible.

Ashley Ulrich- Associate Stylist

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Hometown: Newport News, Va.

December 5th, 2015

Second grade teacher, mom of 4 fur babies, lover of sushi

Favorite part of Stella & Dot: Growing my girl gang of awesomely stylish ladies, and connecting with women everywhere!

3 Month Goal: Senior Stylist by the end of March, and Star Stlyist by Hoopla!

Sandra Johnson- Associate Stylist

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Apex, NC

December 27

Married, Mother of 1, stepmother of 3, 5 grandchildren

Retiring from the State of NC after 30 years on July 1

Real Estate Broker for 10 years

Arbonne International Independent Consultant
Love being able to make new friends and offer life changing opportunities

3 month goal: Star Stylist

Magen Caplinger- Associate Stylist

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Molly Smith- Associate Stylist

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Molly Smith

Glen Allen, VA

January 26, 2016

Mother of an angel in Heaven, PreK teacher, wife (almost 2 years married), Hokie, and part of child loss ministry.
The connections I make with other women and the fashion!

Star Stylist by May

Ashley Smiley- Associate Stylist

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Ashley Smiley

Glen Allen, VA

I am a wife, mother of two fabulous children and a full time Registered Nurse. In my free time I love to spend time at our lake house and cook!

My favorite part of S&D is all of the girl time, making women feel gorgeous and the fabulous jewels!!

My three month goal is to continue to grow my business while having a blast!

Carrie Wilson- Associate Stylist

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Hometown: Midlothian, VA
Start Date: January 2016
Stats (an example would be mother of 2, previous realtor, love to decorate and garden): I am a full time 3rd grade teacher in my 10th year and part time Victoria's Secret sales associate in my 11th year. I also work in the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming during the summers as an event planner for 3 lodges on top of the mountains. I love to swim, read and spend time with my furry, 4-legged "kids" Izzy and Lucy.
Fave Part of S&D Business: Meeting amazing new friends and the bling!
3 Month Goal: To hit Star by June and to support my team as they do amazing things!

Sarah Parramore- Associate Stylist

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Hometown: Richmond, VA

Start date: 1/31/16

Stats: Mother of one four-year old son, Preston; love to travel, shop, try new restaurants; have cocktails with girlfriends; and Dance Trance

My favorite part of the Stella & Dot business is sharing the amazing product with new customers!

My three month goal is to have 25,000 PQV and be well on my way to earning a trip to Costa Rica!

Ashley Murphy- Associate Stylist

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Thank you SO much Kelly:) I'm having a blast with this amazing company! I wish I would have known about S&D a long time ago! Here is my answers to your questions:
Home town: Dixon, IL
Start date: November 2nd 2015
Stats: Wife and Mother of 3 beautiful children & currently a hairstylist/makeup artist
Fave part of S&D Biz: ALL the beautiful jewels of course
3 month goal: I'm shooting for STAR at this moment but my goal is endless because I'd love to be as successful as I possibly can! Not only financially for my family but because I absolutely love styling women and makeing them feel as beautiful as they look! I want Costa Rica for my team and I so bad I can taste it

Amber Kraus- Associate Stylist

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Hometown: Edwardsville, IL

Start Date: 11/1/15

Stats: Educator, wife, fur mom

Fav Part of S&D Business: The empowerment that my team members and I feel when we are able to reach our goals.

3 Month Goal: Star Stylist!

Cassidy Ferguson- Associate Stylist

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I'm from lincoln illinois

I started nov 2 2015

I'm the mother to 2 boys, work as a full time RN, and have been married 5 years!

I love stella because I'm obsessed with the product and now it help supports my obsession! And I love have fun girls not in with the girls!

Over the next 3 months I plan to get more stylist on my team

Jessica Robertson- Associate Stylist

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I'm from Lincoln, il

Start Date- Jan 1st


My favorite thing about s&d is giving ladies that extra piece to look and feel great!

My 3 month goal is to find 3 friends to sign up as stylists and enjoy it as much as me:)

Kate Moore- Associate Stylist

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Hometown- Alexandria, VA

Start Date- June 2015

Stats- I work full time for a government contractor, however I work to play. I love to travel with my husband, watch football, hike, and cook (with wine)!

My favorite part of the Stella & Dot business is all of the gorgeous accessories and the wonderful women I've met in the past 8 months.

Katie Wasserman- Associate Stylist

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Hometown: Smyrna, GA

Start Date: October 2, 2015

Stats: Mother of 2 beautiful girls, Ellie & Julia; Classical pianist; former Miss America title holder

Fave part: The support I have found from other Stella & Dot leaders & Stylists!

3 Month Goal: Associate Director & working towards Glam Getaway!

Kim Clement- Associate Stylist

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I'm Kim Clement from a little town on the coast called Florence Oregon. I'm a stay-at-home mother of 6 daughters. My favorite part is of s&d is being able to get out around grown-ups and making people smile!! My 3 month goal is Star! But I know I can hit it sooner

Chelsea Molleck- Lead Stylist

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Brittany Severns- Lead Stylist

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Start Date Jan 31,2016
Stats-single mom to Esmé, co-owner (with sister) of fabric boutique and sewing studio in Tucson
Fave Part of S&D Business-the jewelry of course but also the great women who have become my friends.
3 Month Goal-STAR!

Samantha Pellegrino- Lead Stylist

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Julie Nobles- Lead Stylist

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Katherine Landen- Lead Stylist

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Debbie Elledge- Lead Stylist

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Hometown. Highland, Il

Started Nov 2015

Mother of 2 boys, one in college the other a senior in HS. A soon to be empty-nester. Work full time as the charge RN for outpatient surgery in my local hospital.

Hobbies include running , attending my sons basketball games , photography and spending time by my pool in the summer with family and friends

Fav part: getting to show off my SD jewels and bags. I was never a girl to dress up my outfits with accessories but Stella & Dot has forever changed this. It's so much fun seeing customers loving their new accessories as well. Overall, it's just so much fun.

3 mo goal: Continuing to build my team and hit star!

Rebecca Ackley- Lead Stylist

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Hometown - Miami, FL, but I Iive in Chantilly, VA

Start Date: November 1, 2015

Stats: I'm a stay at home mom of four boys! I'm originally from Miami, so I love traveling there! I enjoy decorating, shopping, and spending time with my family.

Fav part of S&D: LOVE the flexibility and all the fun! Not only have I earned so many rewards, jewelry, and money, but I've met some great women! It's nice to feel a part of such a wonderful team, who is always cheering me on!

3 month goal: grow my team and bring on 2 more stylists. Have at least 4 trunk shows.

Julie Serenyi- Lead Stylist

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I live in canonsburg, pa

My start date was in January 2014

I am a SAHM to three kids (8, 6, and 4 1/2). I love to read, exercise, and spend time outdoors with my family.

My fave thing about S&D business is meeting new people, and making fabulous friends.

My three month goal is senior stylist


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Top in New Qualified Stylists

Victoria Maiden

4 new Qualified Stylists!!!

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Britten Parker

3 New qualified Stylists!

Samantha Reed

3 New qualified Stylists

Jessica Sigler

3 New qualified Stylists!

Jenna Green

3 New Qualified Stylists

Reagan Montgomery

3 New Qualified Stylists

Great job to all who had 2 new qualifying Stylists!

Lindsay Dixon

Mollie Gossett

Kimberly Jones

Kelly Cox

Ashley Drissi

Jessa Helm

Samantha Tunador

Meredith Sorkin

Allison Lindley

Felicia Kettler

Mary Oden

Lindsey Sodikoff

Molly Smith

Charlotte Pottieger

Ashley Ayres

Amanda Pollice

Rebecca Perry

And congrats to those who had 1 new qualifying stylist

Morrisa Reynolds

Barbara Muehr-Ellis

Amy Ebberts

Lisa Tyler

Kate Moore

Nicole Brawner

jessica robertson

Hayley Bannister

Katie Wasserman

Mary Levin

Linda Beasley

Sarah Parramore

Amber Kraus

Kathryn Larson

Morgan Lyon

Michelle Garner

AShley Ulrich

Elizabeth Melcher

Carrie Wilson

Allison Trigg

Elizabeth Bein

Margaret Underhill

Sandra Johnson

Cassidy Ferguson

Magen Caplinger

Ashley Erwin

Michelle Workman

Ashley Murphy

Susan Voss

Ashley Gregory

Ashley Jarden

Mitzi LoPiccolo

Brittany Severns

Holly Parinello

Ashley Smiley

Kathryn Alexander

Katherine Atkinson

Rebecca Ackley

Julie Serenyi

Katherine Landen

Kristen Hart

Meghan Edwards

Amanda Halfpenny

Sarah Toppmeyer

Julie Nobles

Angela Kelley

Debbie Elledge

Chelsea Molleck

Donna Naylor

Kimberly Bohnenstiehl

Lori Fetterman

Lauren Missey

Ashley Smith

Tiffany Lipes

Alexis Palumbo

Jodie Strum

Courtnay Gilmore

Lindsey Rodner

Candice Jenkins

Helene Brito

Aleli Ann Toro

Hannah Winek

Sylvia Malone

Joanna Hughes

Look Who is Rocking Jumpstart!

Earned over $800

Britten Parker $1,186

Jessica Heider $875

Earned over $500

Clara Stokes $565

Earned over $400

Esther Ayers $488

Alissa Lumma $473

Ashley Erwin $457

Rebecca Berchtold $435

Nichol Andrews $426

Earned over $300

Jennifer Wickman $374

Elizabeth Leach $343

Sarah Holt $332

Aimee Gunn $328

Andrea Stutsman $322

Sarah Parramore $321

Kelly Chin $318

Roshelle Beck $318

Tracy Brewster $310

Michelle Garner $302

Elizabeth Howland $301

Jasmin Pintane $300

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You’re earning points towards a FREE fabulous beach vacation in Costa Rica for Glam Getaway 2017! And that’s not all! With this year’s extra EXTRAORDINARY Glam, you also have the chance to earn a GLAMorous unique necklace (think 14 karat gold and diamonds)!!!

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Look who's already over 10,000 points!! Way to go!

Britten Parker 15,797 points

Lindsay Dixon 13,728 points

Mollie Gossett 13,113 points

Kelly Cox 12,729 points

Christine Swartz 11,326 points

Victoria Maiden 10,166 ponits

Weekly Online Meet Stella and Dot

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Monday March 7th 8:30pm EST

Looking for something fun in the new year? Would you love to have gorgeous accessories at your finger tips for free? How about making an extra $1000 a month working a few hours a week? Stella and Dot is hiring! Check out this 30 minute online event from the comfort of your home. You can ask questions or just be a fly on the wall. What do you have to lose?

New Stylist Training Call

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Monday March 7th 9:15pm EST

Join me for a quick new stylist training call! I will share my top tips for a successful start and I will tell you how you can earn an $800 shopping spree!!!
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Have a great week! XO Kelly

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