Weekend Focus

Sunday, April 19th, 2015

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Happy Sunday!

I hope everyone has had the opportunity to rest and relax this weekend! Can you believe we are down to the last 4 weekends before summer vacation. The above graphic really struck me....23 more days to change lives before summer. WOW!

Thank you so much for all you do each day, but especially last week as we did our first round of MAP tests. I know this has been an adventure for us all!

Updates on Next Year

Here are some updates as I continue the transition to FMS:

  • I will be sending out a parent email this evening introducing myself to our families and letting them know the plans for getting feedback from them and their children this spring.
  • A feedback form will be sent via email over the next few days to families that they can complete together with their children to give them a voice on goals and vision of our school. A similar form will go out to all FMS staff.
  • I will continue to meet with staff individually to hear your goals, concerns, etc. as we transition to next year. I would like to meet with all staff, even those leaving. Your voice is very important to me--I want to hear what you have to say as we plan for the future.
  • May staff meeting to focus on feedback received, form committtees for next year, summer PD needs.
  • A family meeting (meet and greet) will be set in early May where I can introduce myself and meet families. To accomodate our parent needs, I may need to hold two of these meetings. The goal of this meeting would be for our families to get to know me better and what I stand for in education as well as hear plans for the future based on feedback from all stakeholders.
  • I also plan to make myself available for parents that may have questions or would like to talk individually.

If you have other ideas for this spring, please let me know. Thank you for all you are doing as we transition to 2015-2016.

Staffing for Next Year

I will be facilitating the hiring for next year as we have openings. I will work to develop committees related to the open position to help with the hiring.

As you may or may not know, APC will be no longer next year. Mrs. Horstmeier will be joining us in the counseling department. She is excited to join the FMS team and you may see her in the building over the next few weeks as she begins the transition.

JUST to Share...

We are doing this at McIntire this week and I just wanted to share. I had mentioned it in our staff meeting last week and had some questions. :)
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McIntire NO WORKSHEET HOLIDAY-Spring Edition!

We will hold our last "official" N-W-H this Friday. I've already heard the creativity flowing from different departments and grade levels--from safari day to mad scientist day to planning edcamps. The kids are excited and can't wait to see what you have planned. I'm happy to help if you need support. I've started a Google Doc that can be accessed here:


Please add your resources or ideas you may have as well If your grade level or department would like me to do an online read aloud, just let me know. I can also hook you up with other schools across the country, if you would like to connect in that way. We will celebrate our attendance at 2:00 as a whole school again.

Educator Resources

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Ditch That Textbook

I started this book over the weekend. It is fabulous! What I love the most? RELEVANCE to what we do each day. Smarter not harder...relevance...timeless strategies that never have to be reinvented. Definitely worth checking out!