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Message from the Principal

What a busy week with the National Digital Leadership Conference attendees on campus, Fundamental of Skills Workshops, Teacher Appreciation Week, and the annual Project Explorer Awards Ceremony at Mooring Park coordinated by Anne Fredette, Diane Long, Lynne Bedreva and Henry Norona. The ceremony honors LWIT’s adults with disabilities and their mentors at Moorings Park. Throughout the year , the mentors help build the confidence of students while providing them with an opportunity to develop career and inter-personal skills.

The theme this year was "Invisible Wings". According to Ann, the theme was chosen because ladybugs are not only a symbol of luck or love but in fact a belief in the miracle of flying. Ladybugs go through life not realizing that they were given invisible wings until the time arrives that they are challenged to fly. Just like ladybugs, we are all born with hidden potential. Believing in ourselves, putting away the fear, and spreading our wings, we too can fly higher than ever thought possible. Everyone left the ceremony energized and with some advice from the ladybug for all of us to consider:

  • Spot new opportunities
  • Spend time learning new things
  • Be well-rounded
  • Enjoy the wonders of life
  • Don't let the small things bug you
  • Keep family and friends close by
  • Be simply beautiful
  • Don't be afraid to spread your invisible wings

Tech Corner

Did you know...that Newsela provides unlimited access provides hundreds of nonfiction literacy and current event articles at 5 different levels of reading? This is a great resource for increasing opportunities for reading high interest, informational text with the added benefit of assigning articles and related quizzes or note-taking. And, the basic version is free! :)

Instructional Strategy - Reviewing Content (Marzano element #14) can be accomplished in a number of ways by both the teacher and the student reiterating information. Using Discovery Education’s Spotlight on Strategies, Four to One, one can draw upon multimodal text (images, words, videos) to help students summarize their understanding of a topic. Prezi is a web-based presentation software used for this example. In studying Geometry, definitions and understanding of various angles is required. My example allows students to connect those concepts with four images of various real-life objects and then to summarize their understanding in one sentence and select their own photographic example to show evidence of their knowledge. The focus is not on the technology, but the technology and visual enhancements can become a vehicle for engagement.

Reminder: If you missed Tech Tool Tuesday, you can always review the tutorial and submit the 'homework' for an MIP - Check out the schedule. Our next Tech Tool Tuesday is Tuesday, May 12th @2:35pm in 2-233, with a continued focus on Nearpod - a great way to combine instruction and formative assessment, especially if you frequently use PowerPoint (or similar) presentations.

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  • All LWIT teachers and staff are required to attend an Office of Civil Rights training on Wednesday, May 13th at 2:25 p.m. in Dining Room A. Teachers will need to let their students out a few minutes early. The training will last an hour.

  • This week we welcome Joseph Martino as the new Accounting Clerk in the school store.

  • On Tuesday, May 12th, the FLDOE Perkins Compliance team will be on campus talking to LWIT staff and students

  • 5th graders will be touring the campus on 5/13, 5/14, 5/15 and 5/18. Yes, we are recruiting for the future.

  • This past week LWIT received a $2,500 check from the Luzick Foundation. A representative from the Foundation took a tour of the school back in January. He was so impressed with our teachers and students that he went back to Ohio and had a check cut to the school.


  • We continue with testing this week with Geometry and make-up exams. On Monday, we will begin with 2nd period for 9th and 10th grade. On Tuesday, we will begin with 3rd period for 9th and 10th grade.

  • LWIT’s Graduation is May 28th at 6 p.m. at the Gulf Coast High School auditorium. Staff and students should arrive no later than 5:30 p.m. that evening and report to the cafeteria adjacent to the auditorium to line up. The newsletter was placed in your mailboxes and is accessible on our website as well. Please share the information with your students. Also, be sure and provide Olivia Ralston with a list of adult students that will be completing their programs if you have not done so, as she is working on the program. All students planning on attending should have ordered their cap and gown. If not, have them see Olivia.

  • PLT Reflections are not required for the month of May.

  • Please be sure that students are in attendance in both academic and technology classes each day. This is the time of year when students become complacent and will provide you with countless reasons as to why they need to leave your class. Students should be dismissed only when notified by front office staff that they have permission to do so or if an emergency arises.

  • If students are absent from any of your technology classes, please email Sabrina Medal so she can track their attendance immediately. We had a large number of seniors not in attendance on Friday.

  • Your visibility in the hallways between classes and during transition times is helpful and it's a great way to great your students as they enter your classroom. Please make a point to be out there each day.

  • If you have not acknowledged your CTEM evaluation, please do this as soon as possible. If you have any questions, see your assigned CTEM evaluator.

Kudos to . . .

  • Khris Betten-Jutasi, Katherine Cummings, Ed Laudise, Dulcie Neiman, Steve Parnell, Lindsey SImmons, and Marie Coleman for hosting the National Digital Leadership attendees
  • Jeff Rexford and Laurie Lattarulo for coordinating the Teacher Appreciation Week activities
  • Tara Barr and the Green Club for taking time on Saturday to clean their canal. Check out their website, created by Senior, Gabby Fernandez
  • Deb Young, Bob Waller, Debbie Hoofer, Heidi Duff, Ben Kurke and all the instructors that participated with their students in the fundamental skills with Harley Davidson, Germain, and Marco Marriott.
  • Marie Coleman for chaperoning Entrepreneurship/Marketing students to the "Girls going Places" conference at FGCU
  • Dave Gabriel and Mary Ann O'Brien for securing guest teachers to help out with AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam
  • Juan Romero for preparing 58 students to take the AP Spanish Language and Culture Exam
  • Nancy Turmelle for allowing the high school to utilize her room for testing
  • Laurie Lattarulo, Sabrina Medal, Margot Dagher, Amy Wilkins and Carolyn Casserly for helping decorate and set up for the various Teacher Appreciation Week activities
  • Bob Jackson and the entrepreneurship students who participated in Hodges Business Plan Competition and took 3rd place
Happy Birthday to You [Piano Tutorial] (Synthesia)

Happy Birthday

Pam Wilkin

Gerald Soffin

Staff Meetings and Trainings

  • 5/12 LWTHS Leadership, 2:00 - 3:00 p.m.
  • 5/12 Tech Tuesday, 2-233, 2:35 - 3:00 p.m.
  • 5/13 LWTHS Department Meetings, 2:00-2:35
  • 5/14 Mentor/Mentee, 2:00-2:35

Upcoming Student Events

  • 5/13, Golden Terrace 5th Grade Tour, LWIT/LWTHS, Deb Hoofer
  • 5/14, 10th grade Medieval Fair, All Day, Ed Laudise
  • 5/14, Golden Gate 5th Grade Tour, LWIT/LWTHS, Deb Hoofer
  • 5/15, Parkside 5th Grade Tour, LWIT/LWTHS, Deb Hoofer
  • 5/16, STEM Competition, 8:15-12:15 at FSW, Dave Gabriel
  • 5/16, Prom, Naples Beach Club, Joann Cassio
  • 5/18, Avalon Elementary 5th Grade Tour, LWIT/LWTHS, Deb Hoofer
  • 5/19, Car Wash, Key Club, HS Parking Lot, Khris Betten Jutasi
  • 5/21, Underclass Awards Night, Dining Halls, 6-9pm, Jeff Rexford
  • 5/22, 9th Grade Spelling Bee, Dining Halls, 7-9:30, Pat Metcalf
  • 5/26, Senior Awards Night, Dining Halls, 6-9pm, Jeff Rexford