Tyler Johnson

Introduction Paragraph

I think of perseverance as fighting through those hard times and not letting anybody get you down and how hard the obstacles that you get through are and how you keep fighting and become determined.and the harder the fight the greater the perseverance is.

P/S Nick Vujcic

Nick Vujcic is a very good and funny guy but the bad thing is that he can’t walk or use is hands because of his horrible disability that did this to him.He got bullied really bad because of the way he looked but they shouldn’t have bullied him it’s harder for him to do stuff because of his disability he wouldn’t be able to play games with his fellow peers he often got left out.He went along with what other people what doing like swearing even though we all go along with the crowd but he only did that because he wanted to be like all the other kids. If only somebody tried to help him like a friends and they sat down and talked to him and made him feel involved


I think he had the toughest time he could barely move his limbs but he wouldn’t let that stop him. He’s a very good artist for a person that can’t really use his hands that well.He has a very bad disorder where he can’t use his hands properly. He has very descriptive and interesting art.He uses Compound signs and letters to do his art, don’t think he really notices how descriptive his art is. That's what i like him he is the symbol of a adversity that he went through he didn’t just give up he could've but he didn’t he persevered through those cracks in the road and didn’t let anything stop him.

ESPN Text Structure


First thing that they talked about is how they thought a story that they did four years ago was over and he said ”for me it was over but for the women who produced it Lisa Fen and the two young men that we profiled. The story was just beginning of three people who entered each others lives and never left. Then they started talking about the two boys and how they overcame something. Then she says” It was a startling image, one of those things that you want to look at and absorb but you probably shouldn’t be staring”. After that the boys talk about the bond that have and how they have different struggles.

Compare and contrast

I think that the author kept comparing them and contrasting them without actually doing it like how they both have a disability but there disabilities affected a different part of their lives. But there the same because they never give up. I also like when they said that they both have problems going on at home. But the difference is that Leroy had a place to stay but Dartanyon didn't even have a place to stay and he moved like 5 times over 3 years just because they couldn’t afford it and how he had to scavenge for food .


Why are some people successful, while others aren't ? some people are successful why other aren't because they don't give up they keep fighting and its mostly because of there characters traits