STEM Superstar

Erica Grow

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her job as a meteorologist

My job can be very hectic! Every day is different. Some days I'm at work until after midnight, and on other days, I arrive at work at 2:30 a.m.! The first thing I do when I get to work is go on the Internet and start looking at computer forecast model data. The data shows me how the atmosphere will move and evolve over the next several days. I compare and contrast the different model output against each other, and come up with the most likely conclusion. This conclusion is the weather forecast! I then input the forecast information into our weather graphics system. These graphics help me to tell the "weather story" when I'm giving the weather forecast on the news. Next, I put the updated forecast on our website and on the news ticker at the bottom of the screen during the newscast. Finally, I do my hair and makeup, put on the microphone, and double-check my graphics before we go on live TV. I'll also record separate weathercasts for our website, for our digital channel, and for When I'm not on the air, I'm also providing weather updates on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Believe it or not, there is some downtime in between the newscasts, as long as the weather is calm and pleasant!

How she started her career path in STEM....

Since she loves science, She definitely knew I wanted to choose a STEM career. Erica started out at Penn State as a biology major with the intent of becoming a doctor, but then she decided during my sophomore year that the medicine route was not for her! Penn State is renowned for its meteorology program, and it was just a perfect fit. Every course seemed to reveal another fantastic weather "how" or "why" that she had always wondered about.

What she would say if your thinking about a career in STEM

Go for it! Don't worry if you don't yet know which exact path you'll take. Learn more about anything and everything that sparks your interest. Your career path will reveal itself!
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