Conservatory Prep Enrollment

The Next Step

Conservatory Prep Schools is a good match for your student

Thank you for visiting with us and exploring Conservatory Prep Schools. Now it is time to take the next step, by filling out the required paperwork. If all appears to be in good standing, we will send you a contract for the 2015 - 2016.

Admissions is rolling and space is very limited. Once we fill to capacity, we will start a waiting list.

International students are encouraged to apply early. Once your enrollment application is accepted, Conservatory Prep Schools will issue you an I-20 form so that you may apply for your F-1 visa.


_____ Enrollment Application

_____ Student Questionnaire

_____ Medical Questionnaire

The following will also need to be submitted:

____ Psycho-educational evaluation

____ 2 letters of reference

____ Transcripts from current and previous institutions

International Students

Campus Visit & Interview

All international students are welcome to schedule a campus visit and interview when school is in session. If you cannot visit in person, a Skype or telephone interview can be arranged after our admissions office receives your application.

I-20 Visa

We will issue an I-20 visa to a student after the student has been accepted by Conservatory Prep Schools and the parents have accepted and returned the signed enrollment contract and paid the $1,500 non-refundable international student enrollment fee. Parents will need to provide evidence of financial support in the amount of $23,000 for the first year of study.

A local host address needs to be provided before an I-20 may be issued.

If you have any questions, please contact Richard Weiner at

Living Arrangements

Conservatory Prep Schools does not have onsite boarding facilities. Instead, we have established a relationship with Homestay-Florida, which will provide housing, food, transportation and support services.

Financial assistance:

Please submit copies of federal tax returns for the past 2 years and let us know if you will be using a step up or McKay scholarship.

Criteria for financial assistance is as follows:

2015-16 Financial Aid Evaluation Criteria

Please note that in the past, Conservatory Prep Schools has provided needs-based tuition discounts (in lieu of all other applicable discounts provided by CPS) to families after receipt of all scholarship funds available to them (i.e. – McKay scholarships).

We have formalized the financial needs assessment process, and attached PDF forms appearing in the text following the Table below. We hope that the Table will assist you in evaluating whether your family will be seeking any needs-based discount against tuition for the upcoming academic year, after any applicable scholarships available for your child’s education. All adults with ANY legal or financial responsibility must comply.

In order to ascertain how much of a discount a family may be eligible to receive (taking all requests into account, and making any necessary pro-rations based upon total assistance requested by all families submitting such requests), please refer to your TOTAL TAXABLE INCOME on your 2014 Form 1040/1040A federal income tax returns for guidance for your eligibility (no guarantee of any level of assistance).

CPS Needs-Based Levels Potential Discount Eligibility

Less than $50,000 Up to $5,000
Less than $60,000 Up to $4,000
Less than $70,000 Up to $3,000
Less than $80,000 Up to $2,000
Less than $90,000 Up to $1,000
Over $90,000 No Assistance.

If you believe you qualify for financial assistance, please print, complete and return the Financial Statement and Request for Financial Aid; and an IRS Form 4506T-EZ, to our Business Office which is located at 7479 N.W. 4th Street, Plantation, FL 33317-2227, and its Telephone Number is (954) 321-1815.