Architects of the Future

Camp Create 2016

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Goals of the Camp

1. Help you be successful in science next year.

TEKS 5.7A- Explore the processes that led to the formation of sedimentary rocks and fossil fuels;

TEKS 5.7C- Identify alternative energy resources such as wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and biofuels; and

2. Build collaboration skills.

a) Work with groups to accomplish tasks and finish projects

b) Learn how to be a part of a team.

3. Build public speaking skills.

a) Present your work to the class at the end of each project

b) Present everything you learned at Student Showcase

4. Learn about college and careers.

5. Have fun!

What will we do?

Science Projects

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Team Games

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Design an Energy Efficient Doll House

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Agenda Monday 6/6 Welcome and How are fossil fuels formed?


Name tent do now

Introductions- teacher, helpers, campers

Overview of objectives for the camp

Norms/rules brainstorm session

Set up folders, hand out paperwork: calendar, contact info

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Project #1- Create a presentation with your group that explains what fossil fuels are and how they are formed.

1. Watch this video and fill in the blanks on the Presentation Script

2. Work with your group to create visuals for your presentation.

3. Decide on 2 people to share responsibility for reading the script during the presentation.

4. Decide on 2 people to hold up the visuals during the presentation.

5. Present your work to the class.

Agenda Monday 6/13- What energy do houses use?

1) Finish building houses (trim, stairs, etc.)

2) Brainstorm list of what houses use energy for

Agenda Tuesday 6/14- How can we conserve water?

1) Make a presentation note card explaining the wind farm.

2) Start researching ways to conserve water.

3) Make a note card for your water conservation solution.

4) Create a model of your water conservation solution.

5) Finish putting shingles and trim on houses.

Water Conservation Solutions

Agenda Wednesday 6/15- College Field Trip!


Take out your two presentation note cards:

1) How your house uses wind power

2) How your house conserves water

Agenda Thursday 6/16- How can we use solar power?

1) Understand how power is created

2) Understand how renewable energy can be used to create energy.

3) Research ways to use solar power in your house.

4) Make a note card for how your house will use solar power.

3) Create model solar panels for your house

Solar Power Projects:

Ways to use solar power in your home

Work Time!


Water Conservation Solution (rain garden, rain barrels, native plants)

Solar Panels on the roof


Wind Power

Water Conservation

Done with your house:

Work on fixing the wind farm. It's a mess!

Start the milk paint

Agenda Tuesday 6/21- What is geothermal energy?

1) Research ways to use biofuels

2) Make a note card for how your house will use biofuels

3) Create a model of your biofuel solution.

Day 2 of Making Milk Paint

Paint Houses

Agenda Wednesday 6/22- Team Building Day

Water Team Games

Post Test

Finish painting houses.

Finishing touches on presentations.

Agenda Thursday 6/23- Showcase

9:15-9:45 City Builders

9:45-10:15 Newsroom

10:15-10:45 Recess

10:45-11:15 Architects of the Future

11:15-11:40 Celebration