Conflict Poetry

Comparing Poets' Attitudes to Conflict


Investigate how the poets share their ideas on death in 'Mametz Wood' and one other poem of your choice

Robert Graves, Poet: "It was full of dead Prussian Guards, big men, and dead Royal Welch Fusiliers and South Wales Borderers, little men. Not a single tree in the wood remained unbroken."

As part of the battle the 38th or Welsh Division - Lloyd George's Division as it was sometimes known - was detailed to attack and capture Mametz Wood, the largest wood on the whole Somme battlefront. Over the five days that the battle raged, Mametz Wood was devastated as artillery shells fell continuously on the area. Fighting was furious, with hand to hand combat in many instances, as men battled for every inch and yard of ground.


Imagery, enjambement, rhyme


Which poem will you compare with 'Mametz Wood'?

Key |Words for the lesson: death, juxtaposition, irregular, viewpoint, perspective.

Listen to Owen Sheers and Annotate your poem, 'Mametz Wood'