Term Paper Topics to Avoid


Topics on Distance Education that you must Avoid

Distance education has been here for almost three decades now. Yet it is different from the traditional education in several elements one of which is the research that is demanded in it. There are many areas of research which should be studied in order to expand the knowledge base but there are others which are do not need to be researched and written on again.

Below are a few topics related to online education that do not have merit any more.

Topics on the Use of Technology: as mentioned above, it has been almost thirty years since the advent of online education. Even if you go as far as fifteen years and wanted to write a custom term paper with stated the importance of technology for higher education, it would have been a good basis for research. However, now a days, educators believe that it is time to stop researching on this topic as the existence of digital media in universities is enough proof of it and there is no reason to research this topic any further.

Topics on Learning Styles: there have been many term papers which feature the learning styles of students and its role and impact in the online education environment. This topic, too was very popular even after two decades of online education; however many educators now believe that it’s time to put a stop to it because it has become too clichéd. They believe that there are other worthwhile causes to write about like people with special physical and mental abilities or even current societal issues.

Topics on Digital Divide: a similar topic that people have written obsessively about us the digital divides, that discusses or compares the access of technology with the societies norms, values and expectations. A lot of educators believe it is time to move on from this topic as well and rather research on what does the term ‘difference in access of technology’ actually means.

Another topic of a similar nature is the impact of online education on the role of an educator. There were different diverging opinions on this topic; many traditionalists believed that technology was eliminating the importance of an educator while the other school of thought believed that technology was actually enhancing the teaching experience of an educator and the learning experience of a term paper writer. However, now a days, most educators have come to terms with the fact that technology is actually quite beneficial in a classroom setting.

24/7 Online Presence: there have been a huge number of term papers on the topic about how online education is available to all students. A topic that was written obsessively about was the blend of online education with the traditional education aspects in which students who study mostly online, also occasionally went to campus for meetings, experiments and research work.