Christmas in Peru

By: Holly Wilson

4 Facts About Christmas in Peru:

1.) Christmas traditions are dated back to 1535 in Peru as Catholicism is the majority practice of the population.

2.) The main day for celebrating Christmas is on December 24th, which is also called La Noche Buena, or "Good Night."

3.) When evening hits in Peru on December 24th, families usually go home and eat a dinner that has been extravagantly prepared and open their gifts. a traditional meal on Christmas will have salads, apple sauce, tamales, a sweet bread called panettone, and turkey. Then at midnight, they all have a toast and what fireworks pop in the night sky.

4.)Peruvian homes have a nativity manger as the main Christmas decoration. They're are known as pesebre and are usually carved out of a nuamanga stone, pottery, or wood. then on La Noche Buena, one lucky family member will put the figure of Christ into the manger.

My Family Traditions Compared to Peru's:

  • We have a big meal with turkey just like people in Peru!
  • We open presents on December 25th instead of the 24th!
  • We don't stay up late because you go to sleep to wake up kinda early to open presents up in the morning!
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