Prudence Crandall


Her Everyday Life

Prudence Crandall was born on September 3, 1803 and died January 28, 1890. She was rasied as a Quaker and Attended the Friends Boarding School. At the age of 17 her father moved the family to a small town Canterbury, Connecticut. She later Married a Rev. Calvin Philleo, a Baptist preacher. They then moved to Massachusetts together.

Life in the future

Problems With Her School

Prudence Crandall was an everyday teacher who loved to teach kids. One day when she let an African American girl attend to her school, the white people were mad. They started to take there kids out of school and put them in different schools. Prudence did not like that. So she than made her whole school only for African Americans. She had the frist school that was all African Americans. They later passed a law that you were not allowed to teach African Americans. She than got arrested.

How Is She Remebered and How Did She Die?

She was remembered for having a all African American school. No one really knows how she died but we all know that what she did was remembered and brave.