The Adventures of Polo

By:Regis Faller

A little boy.

Some new people.

New friendships.


The story begins when Polo wakes up in his tree house, then he goes on this weird adventure were he ends up on a island, underwater, a party, etc. And the adventure ends when Polo ends back up in his tree house.


  • Polo

  • Monkeys

  • A cat


Equipped with a backpack full of supplies. Polo sets off in a little boat and on a series of delightful adventures that take across (and under) the ocean. He goes to a tropical island and a frozen iceberg. to space and home again with a world of magical encounters along the way.

At the end he realizes that it is really fun and that he might do it again.
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Theme: Frendship, working together, & helping out

My review

I like this wordless picture book! Polo goes on one big adventure and it comes with multiple adventures and settings.
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