LIS Update 8/13/2018

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Destiny and Meetings

There are many questions about Destiny and many more things for us to learn. My plan is to have the afternoon portion of each monthly meeting be time for us to work on Destiny tasks. Some of this time will be structured and some of this time will be unstructured.

For example during the afternoon of the September meeting there will be time for people to work on their Destiny homepage, checking out in Destiny resources that were previously checked out in L4U, and converting item statuses in Destiny.

Eoin Colfer Visit

The Eoin Colfer visit time is 10 am. The visit date 9/10/18. If you are bringing students please sign up for the Eoin Colfer visit by 8/24/18. The two artists will be at the visit as well. The publisher is sending ARC's and the district will be purchasing actual books once the budget opens. The location for the visit will either be Killough or Hastings depending on the number of students that are signed up.
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Tweens Read

TweensRead is October 13th and is fast approaching. If you would like to take a group of students please let me know by September 10th. This will give time to get the transportation arrangements started and books ordered.

Author Visits, BookFairs, Extended Hours

If you've planned an author visit, please let me know the date, time, location and author. This will help the district publicize the event.

Please e-mail me the dates of your BookFairs so they can be added to the Library Services Calendar and set up in the @Alief_Libraries Twitter feed.

Also, please let me know what dates/times you will be having extended hours in your library. This information will also be posted in the Library Services Calendar and on the @Alief_Libraries Twitter feed.

ProTip: Destiny One Search

Does your Destiny OneSearch continually ask you for authentication?

Occasionally this happens because the authentication is mapped incorrectly. But more often, it happens because the user is clicking on the Database icon instead of the Show Resources icon.

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EBSCO eBooks

I've imported all the EBSCO eBooks into the Alief Administration Destiny catalog. The easiest way to find them is to change the Destiny search location to Professional. These eBooks are middle school level and higher.

I have a meeting with an EBSCO rep. later this week and hopefully he will be able to share a way that I can simply get these books added to the campus collections.

TexQuest Changes

TexQuest has added one resource and eliminated to others. If you utilize the shared apps for the digital resources on your campus webpages you will not need to update anything. I am in the process of updating the Digital Resources shared apps.

If you do not utilize the Digital Resources shared apps you need to remove the two Adam Matthew Digital databases. They will not be a part of TexQuest after September 2018.

Also, if you do not utilize the Digital Resources shared apps on your campus webpages you need to add the EBSCO Learning Express resource. Here is the customized link for Alief:

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Three Quotes and Junior Library Guild

If your campus is paying for Junior Library Guild with Federal Funds you will need to get three quotes (the Junior Library Guild Quote and two other quotes). This site includes links to several subscription book sites.

Fall Conferences - SLJ Teen Live and Region IV TexQuest

SLJ Teen Live is August 15th and is always a fun virtual conference. Normally the conference is archived so registered participants will be able to watch the sessions after the event.

Region 4 is hosting a fall TexQuest MiniConference. This free one day training is for users to learn about new databases added to TexQuest as well as the continuing resources. The training is September 25th. Some of the additional databases are from LearningExpress and include great test prep that you and your counselors will want to know abut.