Mr. B's Bright Lights

Here we go into 2018!

Dressing for Our Weather

We certainly appreciate your efforts to have the children ready to go for recess and the outer gear they wear. With our recent frigid weather, we have had the children inside playing games, watching videos, drawing, reading (the library is available for this). When we do get outside, 0 degrees or higher (including windchill), we look forward to the children being ready to play comfortably outside. Children must have boots and snowpants to play in the snow or on the equipment during this time of year. Thank you for your cooperation.

Speaking of Weather

During times when the weather is not suitable for play outside (frigid temperatures, rain, etc.), I am recommending that children don't stay to play on the playground after school. They can remain in the lobby of the back entrance until you arrive. I believe that if the conditions are such that we don't play during our recesses, that after school will be not conducive either. Thanks for your consideration of the children's health and safety.

New and Exciting Plans

Lego Walls

Speaking of indoor recess time, as well as other times during our day, we are looking to create maker spaces at both the Primary and Intermediate Schools. One component of these maker spaces is a Lego Wall. We are looking for donations of Legos, and not new Lego sets but Legos you might not be using any more. Thanks for your consideration!

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Assembly Wednesday CHANGE

Our monthly all school assembly will be the 17th of January. We will be holding the annual Jump Rope for Heart Kick Off beginning at 8:50 in our cafeteria. This date change is due to a number of our staff, including me, visiting schools utilizing math programs that we are considering for next year. Please make that change on your busy calendars if you need to.

Mike Budisch

Hopefully we will be going outside soon to play in the snow with our pals.