Coding 4-5B

MP3 Week 3

Desert Rally Race! The Final Stretch!

Virtual Lesson Recording

  • Watch the Virtual Lesson Recording if you did not attend chat!
  • Click the link below to watch the Virtual Lesson Recording!
Virtual Lesson Recording

There is no Question of the Week for this week's recording!

Desert Rally Race: Fixing the bug & reaching the pyramid!

  • Click through the voicethread presentation below!
  • Fix any bugs in your code!
  • See if you can program the Great Pyramid of Giza to appear!
  • See if you can end the program!
  • Answer the question at the end!
Click Here: Desert Rally Race Presentation!

Final Stretch! Click the link above!

What to submit in Moodle?

  • Answer the question at the end of the voicethread presentation!
  • Submit your answer in the Moodle submission box!

See you in cyberspace!