Descriptive Writing

Movie Theater

I open the door to the dimly lit theater and smell the overwhelming scent of popcorn. Walking into the theater I feel my feet sticking to the floor from all the spilt drinks and hear the crackling from all the kernels of popcorn under my feet. I look around the almost full theater and find a seat near the back. As I sink into my cushioned chair, I look up at the screen to see the movie previews are playing. I hear the people around me talking to each other, the crunch of people chewing popcorn and the slurping of the drinks. In front of me I see the light of many cell phones that are being turned off. After what seems like forever the theater darkens and the talking stops as soon as the movie begins. During the movie I feel the hard thumping of someone kicking the back of my seat and start to get annoyed. Every time there’s a new scene the whole room erupts in laughter. As soon as the credits roll down the screen the conversations return, the lights are turned back on and as I adjust my eyes I find my way out the doors.

Abstract Nouns


Sadness is a gloomy gray.

It tastes like tear drops.

It smells like a rainy day,

and reminds me of dying flowers.

It sounds like a beat less heart.

Sadness feels like a long day that seems it’s

never going to end.


Anger is a bright red.

It tastes like burnt toast.

It smells like ashes,

and reminds me of a volcano erupting.

It sounds like pounding drums.

Anger feels like burning fire.

Poem For Two Voices

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