Most Dangerous Game

By Alex, Drake, Ryan: ft. Brad pitt

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The POV of the Most Dangerous Game is Third Person Omniscient.

The reason that the Most Dangerous Game is Third Person Omniscient is because it shows both the General's and Rainsford's thoughts
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Story Summary

The entire story begins when Rainsford goes to a mysterious island, looking for assistance after falling off of his boat. He finds General Zaroff, an accomplished hunter. Rainsford realizes that Zaroff's new game is hunting humans and Zaroff forces him to be hunted. Rainsford is able to survive and one night sneaks into the General's house and kills him. Altogether the Most Dangerous Game tells us a thrilling in-detail story of a man fighting for his life.
The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell (Review) - Minute Book Report
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(left - right) Ryan Nonneman, Drake Vorderstrasse, and Alex Lowry

(Ryan) I thought it was a good book because it was very detailed. It had a confusing twist, but that made it good.

(Drake) I thought it was a fantastic thriller. The phrasing was simple enough to understand but complicated enough that it wasn't like reading a book for a kindergartner.

(Alex) This book was very interesting with all the action and conflict with the general. It was also interesting how Rainsford killed Ivan and the general.

Literary Devices

Simile: Its like tying to see through a black blanket.

Metaphor: he was a monster

Foreshadowing: Ship-Trap Island

The Most Dangerous Game by Richard Connell (Audiobook)

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