Glenview Library Letter

September 25, 2014

Notes from the Library...

  • When you have a new student who needs a library card, PLEASE EMAIL both Mara and me. We try to keep checkout running as efficiently as possible, and when a student comes in saying they need a library card, it slows down the line while we try to determine the student's name and homeroom. If you send us the name in an email, it ensures that we have the correct spelling and teacher. Thank you!
  • Many students are pulling/ripping/tearing the barcodes and spine labels of of books and Playaways. We are also receiving books back that have had the protective covers torn off. Please help us make sure that all students understand books must be returned in the condition they were checked out in, and that nothing should be removed from a book. Thanks.
  • The Southern Festival of Books is October 10-12. The annual free event will bring in over 200 authors from all over the country, and there are readings, discussions, book signings, events for kids, and tents set up outside for book sales and literary groups. It's a lot of fun! Here is the website for more information:

Responsible Reader

Please check your box for overdue notices to pass out to your students. Any students with overdue books will need to either return them or come in to the library with the book to renew it if they are still reading it. On October 1, I will distribute stickers for all students in good standing. They will then be able to check out books from the "new books" cart. Please help motivate your students to take good care of their books and cards so they can have access to the newest books. Hopefully this incentive will help alleviate book damage and loss in our collection.

The Dewey Club

  • This club is open to all first through fourth grade students. To join, students may stop by the Library to pick up a booklet.
  • They will need to read one book in each of the 10 Dewey Decimal categories, plus one biography, and keep track of it using the booklet.
  • For each book, they will record the title, author, call number, and two interesting facts learned. They will take the AR test if there is one.
  • Then, they students can turn in the booklet to join the club!
  • All students who complete the tasks will earn a free nonfiction book of their choice! They will also have their name and photo featured in a display.

Please tell your class about the Dewey Club. Any interested students can pick up a booklet any time they come to the library to check out books.

Limitless Libraries

Delivery began September 2! Request books, A/V materials, and curriculum kits that will be delivered right here to Glenview. Please try logging in (, account log in, employee ID #, and the password is 2014), and let me know if it does not work. I am keeping a list of teachers who were not able to log in to send to LL so that they can update the system. This is an amazing resource. Let's make sure that we take advantage of it!

HMH Think Central

Here is the fifth video in the Dashboard Tutorials series.

Wonderful Websites

National Geographic has a daily 10 question online geography quiz. This would be great way to add a little social studies to the Activity portion of a Morning Meeting.

Interesting Infographic

Big image

Quote of the Week

"What I love most about libraries is that the books can only be borrowed, but the knowledge and inspiration they contain are yours to keep."

Anthony Breznican

Glenview Library... More than just books!

Items available for teachers:

Professional Collection-- located in the Conference Room near the library entrance

-some new books were added recently....check them out!

Playaways (audiobooks)-- on Playaway display rack

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Books on tape-- located in the Library Office/Workroom
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