Life in the 1940's

Conformity, Family, and Success

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In this advertisement, the man is pulling his family on a sled which symbolizes that he is the one who is supposed to support the family. The mother is holding the child which shows that it is her job to take care of the kids and also they are all admiring the father and looking up to him.
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In order for a man to be considered successful in the 1940's, he had a to have a good looking wife, go to high class parties, and also wear nice clothing.
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Clubs are a sign of conformity. In the 1940's it was normal that the whole service club was all women. The girls at school wanted to join because they saw it as a way to fit in and help. Like in the video the government made, it was cool to help and do extracurricular activities.


If I was a teenager at this time, advertisements would change how I would act. If I saw an advertisement were the men looked successful I would want to be like them. Also, the ads about family would also change my mind set. I would want a family family like in the ads. Advertisements were an easy way to change how teens act in order for them to be successful and happy.