The Hallway Handbill

A Columbian Elementary Bulletin - 1.25.16

Prompts That Get Students to Analyze, Reflect, Relate, and Question

A simple teaching technique that helps students learn. They analyze, reflect, relate, and question via these four prompts:

  • “Identify one important idea … that you learned while completing this activity.”
  • “Why do you believe that this idea … is important?”
  • “Apply what you have learned from this activity to some aspect of your life.”
  • “What question(s) has the activity raised for you? What are you still wondering about?” [You might need to prohibit the answer “nothing”.]

How can we support this reading goal during the school day?

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We're officially half-way through the year and if you notice you have items in your room that have been around since the first day of school, it's time to clean up!

#TidyUpTuesday is our new reminder that every Tuesday we should look around our room and find an area that has be ignored. Enlist the help of your students and spend a few minutes each Tuesday going through the clutter. Don't let all the work you put into getting your room ready for school go to waste. #banonhoarding #TidyUpTuesday

Weekly Schedule

Tuesday, Jan. 26: Box Tops Pick-up

Looking Ahead

Thursday, Feb. 4: 10 am Tornado Drill, no electricity

Friday, Feb. 5: 1:30 pm ROAR Assembly

Friday, Feb. 12: 8:30 am 4th grade Fire Safety; 2:00 pm Valentines Day Parties


January - 7th Bonita Bond & Debra Riner; 15th Angela Moore; 17th Aimee Brumit