Mysterious Powder

Lab Report

My Tests

Four tests we ran were:

The iodine test, vinegar test, PR, oil. I used Iodine to show if it had the substance green in it, Vinegar, to see if the reaction was similar to the reaction of any of the other chemicals we tested. PR was used to see if it was an acid or a base. Oil was to see if there was more than one chemical separate from the concoction.

Hypotheses of the contents of the mysterious powder.

The mysterious powder is from a combination of red,green, and orange. For the red, the PR was the same as The Mysterious Powder. We think green was in it ,for starch was in the powder that we tested. We also assume that orange is in the mixture of powder because when we tested vinegar, the reaction was similar. I believe that there was a spill of chemicals from the Cool-It Fire Extinguisher Plant. I think this because the location and the chemicals were convenient, and the powders were so well mixed that the oil didn’t separate them.

What I Learned

I learned to about chemical reactions and the chemicals that we used. I learned how to take diligent notes, how to read data, how to use basic procedure in lab, cross contamination ,and the names of the tools I was working with.