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What is Livescribe?

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in class? Do you often forget information after teachers and professors spent an hour explaining the information? Do you draw diagrams and never remember what they mean or stand for? Or maybe you have ADHD or a learning disability that hinders your ability to succeed in school?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, then Livescribe Smartpens are for you!!

Find out why! Watch the video below!

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Livescribe is a new low-cost mobile computing platform that enhances productivity, learning, communication and self-expression for anyone that uses pen and paper. The smartpens revolutionize the act of writing by recording and linking audio to handwriting, so users never miss a word.


An Assistive Technology

Students who often find certain tasks difficult than the average student tend to fall behind due to the lack of ability to complete tasks, but also having a decrease in confidence.

When it comes to assistive technology in the classroom, it is important to make sure that the technology is purposeful and assists students in the least restrictive way possible.

From elementary school to college, students are constantly writing. Some students have difficulty creating complete thoughts, while some have difficulty reading their own notes!

What if there was an assistive technology that could help students not only understand their handwriting, but have the teacher explain those notes with the click of a button? Now there is! Introducing...livescribe smartpens.

How Do Livescribe Smartpens Work?

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Smartpen K-12 Educational Goals

How Can Livescribe Smartpens Help Students with Disabilities?

Smartpen use by ASU students with Learning Disabilities

Training Requirements

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When Apple came out with the iPhone, customers did not go out and seek training on how to use it. It came with a manual, and customer support was offered. Additionally, customers would go to their cell phone service provider (Verizon, AT&T, T-mobile, etc.), and ask for assistance. Other than that, Apple customers were on their own.

When it comes to educational technology, especially assistive technology, training is important. However, it is often difficult for schools to get the teachers the training they need due to certain obstacles - mainly: money and time. So what do students and teachers do when they want to learn how to use Livescribe Smartpens to its greatest potential?

Customers of Livescribe have customer service options, like any other company. However, Livescribe also provides online courses!! These online courses can be taken on the customer's own time. Some courses may cost a small fee, but many are available to guests!

All customers need to do is access and sign up for the courses. It's that easy!

How Do I Get It?

Let me guess, after reading all of the wonderful things about this fantastic, new, and useful technology, you can't wait to get your hands on it! Am I right? Well, if I am, here's how.

Access the Livescribe Smartpen Store and determine which one fits your or your students' needs!

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Want to Know More?

Want to know more about Livescribe and their various technologies? Want to know more about the Smartpens? Be sure to visit the Livescribe website at

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