Ryan Braun

By: Reed Reimer


Whack! "The ball is going over the wall. ITS A GRAND SLAM FINAL SCORE BREWERS 12 CUBS 11!!! WHAT A GREAT DAY IN MILLER PARK! AND ITS ALL BECAUSE OF RYAN BRAUN!" Another day another win for Ryan Braun. Did you know his record in 2012 for home runs was 41 and he got 112 RBI's!


Ryan Braun was born November 17, 1983 in Los Angeles California. His parents names are Joe and Diane. Growing up he and his brother were obsessed with baseball. In high school he played shortstop and broke the his schools home run record! In his junior your he was team captain and he earned the MVP award, what a accomplishment!

Getting to the MLB

When he graduated he got tons of scholarships but decided to say close to home and go to the University of Miami. When he was in college he played division one baseball and he was top-notch! He was drafted by the Brewers in the first round. And finally after all his hard work he won rookie of the year in 2007!

So there you have it a summary of the Hebrew Hammer A.K.A Ryan Braun A.K.A my hero's life!

Ryan Braun Homer

Ryan Braun 1st Inning Home Run vs St. Louis Cardinals in Playoffs 10/9/11 Milwaukee Brewers