47 Times

Gabriel Aragones

Beginning of Maxcy's life to the End

Maxcy was 36 years old when he wanted to be a lawyer so he went to take the Bar test and later on failed , after that it didn't stop him, he kept taking the test and going and going until when he and his own son's were starting to take the test's so they can become lawyers, it later encouraged himself to pass the exam. After the 47th time Maxcy passed and spent 50,000 on fees and on taking the Bar exam. Till the end Maxcy was 61 years old and got his dreams fulfilled.

Maxcy vs the Bar Test

Maxcy Filer was thinking of being a lawyer, so he went to go take the Bar Test in 1966 which he was 36 years old and he failed so he tried, tried, and tried again until he was just failing. He took the exam in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside, San Francisco and anywhere else the exam was given in California, but it didn't stop him and took it again on the 47th time he passed when he said "I don't quit I looked at it from the standpoint that the Bar Test was passable, and one day I would succeed and I wasn't going to give up."

Maxcy & Bill

Maxcy was a man who wanted something but it was hard to get done, and there was Bill who got a part of his brain crushed due to doctors and both faced adversity. They both wanted something done but Bill's life was much harder than Maxcy, Bill needed help to get ready everyday and he worked everyday so he can survive and be part of this world. Many saw Bill as a Disabled man but some didn't. Maxcy was trying to pass an exam but after the many tries he couldn't until the last time he took it. They both faced different types of adversity but the both got through it in different ways.

To the End

Maxcy was a person who wanted things done in this world and eventually he did. He started in 1966 when he was 36 years old and took it in many different cities in California and after many tries he finally passed after 47 times. It took him 25 years to pass, and $50,000 worth in fees and exams. He was 61 years old when he passed and he finally fulfilled his dreams. In his own words he said "I don't quit I liked at it from the standpoint that the Bar was passable, and one day I would succeed and I wasn't going to give up".