By:Thomas Simons

The company I chose is Apple. This company is important because you probably use their products in your every day lives.

popular product

The most popular product is the iphone. You can do anything from playing games to texting and calling people. The iphone can help you find your location. The iphone 6 even remembers your finger print.

impact on culture

This impacts our everyday lives because many people use these items all the time. You might have a computer made by them or an ipod or a phone. These items are designed to make life easier by allowing us to do things faster and in any location.

How it started

Apple started in a basement it was Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.The company was progressing really fast.They got their first big order for 50 circuit boards was worth$25,ooo.But it didn't stop there, they kept upgrading their computers and by the end of 1976 they had generated $1oo,ooo in revenue.

Apple now

Apple now is awesome; they now make everything from computers to watches. In 2014 their United States revenue was $182 billion. Their newest product is the apple watch it is amazing. I think in my opinion the iphone is their best and most famous product.

How is it better

Apple is better now because they don't just make computer they make many other things.

Apple watch

The apple watch is a smart watch you want to buy.It has very precise time,it is excellent for fitness,and it does everything a smart phone can and faster.
Apple Watch – Rise

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is the creator of Apple and he was a very smart person. He used his money wisely and invented awesome things. He died of pancreatic cancer in 2011, he was only 56.
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