Dog Walking Service

Only $10.00 a walk!

For a small price to pay, give your furry friend a day of their lifetime!

Are you tired of feeling bad about leaving your dog at home while you go and do your daily errands, or work? We would like to end that feeling by taking your dog, simply on a walk! Walks relive stress and help exercise the dog to keep it healthy and fit! All you need to provide for us is your dog's leash. This service is 100% hassle free; we will come to you! If you're not completely satisfied, we will give you back a full refund, every penny spent!

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For 30 minutes of walking time, each individual walk is $10.00 and for any additional dogs is plus $5.00. If you want to schedule however for every week, day etc., the price drops just to $5.00 per walk, and for any additional dogs is plus $5.00. And if you want to double the time walking with your dog, it's plus $5.00 to the original walking price for every walk.

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Owner: Calvin Coberly

Co-Owner: Laura Coberly