Why we eat what we eat

by: Kathleen Ijames


Media: They show lots of commercials and things like that. Either they make something look of sound better than it is, but it does cause more people to buy it.

Economics: People buy what they can afford and it's much different economically when things are on sale a certain way or in certain amounts.

Environmental: It all depends on how much something grows somewhere. If it's a bad year for a certain fruit it may cost more in the stores since there isn't as much around that season.

Technological: If we are able to have crops that can grow quickly or are less likely to go bad they may sell it for less especially if they don't have to pay for shipping and other things like that.

Individual influence

Physiological: How you feel could affect what you eat in a good or bad way. If you feel a little lonely or simply don't feel good it will cause you to want comfort foods more than usual.

Personal: If people find that a certain food isn't something they would want it's much less likely to see them enjoying foods of the same type. Weather they don't like a certain type of ethnicity or just dislike a certain style it will definitely effect what they eat.

Culture and customs: If a certain culture doesn't eat a certain food or animal it would definitely affect the types of foods they will eat. Depending on what they grew up with too. They're more likely to eat something they've had since they were kids.

Traditions: some families have different traditions on different nights or holidays. Some have special nights out to certain places or it's just what they've always done.

Healthy food options

Dietary guidelines for americans: Some families eat more fast food since in america it's on every corner and very easy to get. It also generally costs less and is easy for families who don't do a lot of cooking of don't really have the time.

Weight management: If people have to worry about they most likely won't eat lots of fattening foods which could be a very different diet than some other people who it may not matter to.

Physical activity needs: most people who work out eat lots of proteins because it's easier to get muscle but they most likely drink more water as well.

"My plate" vs "food pyramid"

My plate is more about servings than anything. It's very big on showing portions and things like that while the food pyramids shows the food we have in each group and what's best for you and also includes exercise.

Nutritional labels

People who pay close attention to what's in their food may buy and eat much different things than you. It could be because of calories or simply just things they don't want in their diets.

Food groups to encourage

All the food groups are important and have all the nutrition we could need but we are offered so much depending on where we live which can change a lot of what or when you eat. Some countries have such different diets which can cause health problems. like america itself, we have so many foods we don't really thing about it which is most likely why everyone things of america as one of the fattest countries. All food groups are important some just aren't as needed as others.

Different ages

Of course not every person is the same. some can't have salt of to much fat while for others it may not matter. Younger children need nutrition for their bones just like older people do. While not every nutritional thing is as important as the next.