Ready YoUrself For the Future


RUFF Leadership Team

Anthony Graham - Founder

Contact # 256-348-8694


Brandon Johnson - President

Darnell Whitney - Vice-President

Melissa Butler -- Secretary

Lorie Wilson - Director of Operation


November Schedule of Events

DEVELOP Teachable Tuesday **Power of Technology**

Tuesday, Nov. 7th, 6-7:30pm

100 Skate Park Drive

Madison, AL

The young men will be introduced to cyber security and learn the power of technology.

Please RSVP Yes or No! Thank you

Huntsville Veteran's Day Parade

Saturday, Nov. 11th, 9am-1pm

“Lot K” (across from the Clinton Ave. Post Office)

Please wear a RUFF t-shirt. If you need one - let me know. I will have some extras with me to hand out for those who do not have one. We will be riding as a group in trucks holding up signs thanking our Veterans!

Please RSVP Yes or No. Thank you!

Annual Thanksgiving Feast

Saturday, Nov. 18th, 4-6pm

Location TBD

Please join us for our annual Thanksgiving Family Feast!

EMPOWER/LEADER Biscuits & Bro's -- Rivers & Floods

Saturday, Nov. 25th, 11am-1pm

Insanity Skate Park Yogurt Shop

Monthly Biscuits & Bro's

Please sign up below with a Yes or a No.

DEVELOP Bicuits & Bro's -- The Starving Baker

Saturday, Nov. 25th, 1-3pm

Insanity Skate Park

Biscuits & Bro's

Please RSVP either Yes or No.

EMPOWER/LEADER Teachable Tuesday **Power of Technology**

Tuesday, Nov. 21st, 6-7:30pm

100 Skate Park Drive

Madison, AL

Annual Thanksgiving Feast Friends Invite

Saturday, Nov. 18th, 4-6pm

Location TBD


When and where did R.U.F.F. begin? R.U.F.F. began on December 10, 2010 at Heritage Elementary school.

Is R.U.F.F. a nationally recognized organization? No, R.U.F.F. was founded by Anthony Graham for the young men of Northern Alabama.

Is R.U.F.F. a non-profit? As of right now, R.U.F.F. operates under Discovery Middle School 501(c)3 number . We are currently in the initial stages of our own 501(c)3. We should have our own 501(c)3 non-profit status in the last part of 2015.

Who can join R.U.F.F.? Any 5th grade young man coming from ANY TYPE of family situation. Registration is currently open on our website

What are the demographics of Ready Yourself For the Future? White - 55%, African-American - 33%, Asian/Pacific Islander - 5%, American Indian/other - 7%

How is/are the character trait(s) being taught to the young men? The R.U.F.F. leadership team currently teaches from the Habitudes curriculum. We teach in large and small group settings, one-on-one counseling sessions and/or over technology methods.

What is DEVELOP, INPSIRE, EMPOWER and LEADER? These four programs are designed by the R.U.F.F. leadership team to turn our young men into outstanding leaders in their schools, homes and communities, Each program is a year long class. The boys start their R.U.F.F. journey in DEVELOP and have to graduate each level in order to move through the ranks.

How are donations used? 100% of the money donated goes directly to the young men, their families and ways to give back to our community. Our current goal is to pay for 75% of all activities and trips for our young men.


"I can't tell you how refreshing it was to see 4th, 5th, 6th graders recognizing the importance of their choices that positively reflects on the group." Russ Kennigton, Captain, City of Madison Fire & Rescue

"It's making responsible citizens. One of our key elements of education is preparing future leaders for our country and this is helping meet those needs." - Ex Madison - Superintendent Dr. Dee Fowler

Mr. Graham is a man who gives of himself freely, not only to his family and the school kids, but his community. His involvement with fostering positive development in our boys plus being a great teacher, makes this a win/win for our kids and community. John D ~ Proud parent of R.U.F.F. son

I think that RUFF is an important organization because it helps us understand what life will be like. It helps me realize that I will be an important person and with the right decisions I will be successful…..John August Busch, Ex - R.U.F.F. member

Let it be known to the world that Mr. Anthony Graham is a wonderful influence on the young men he has taken under his wing. Thank God for blessing my son and these other young men with such an AWESOME role model! I'm sure other parents won't mind me speaking for them and saying THANK YOU!!!! - Lorie W. - R.U.F.F. parent

Two years ago our son came home from school and said he wanted to join RUFF. What’s rough we asked? Anthony Graham came into our home and hearts and has become one of the most generous, positive role models my son has ever had. His program teaches our young men how to have Courage when their self confidence is being tested, Integrity when it would be easier to go along with his peers, and unconditional love and guidance that makes them strong of heart. Anthony has the gift that touches people’s heart with his words and sincerity, his passion is unequaled. - Char J. R.U.F.F. parent

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Thank you Allison Worley for your sponsorship of our DEVELOP young men's Habitudes Leadership material.

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Thank you to Arthur Seaton at University Kia in Huntsville for sponsoring 3 vehicles for the Huntsville Veteran's Day Parade!

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