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Problem: Obesity, aging, financial stress, fatigue

Everyone wants to live life to the fullest, but it is tough to do in today's world. At Isagenix, we believe a long, healthy life is possible with proper weight management & nutrition, stress relief, the elimination of toxic chemicals found in our foods and environments, age-defying skincare and telomere support.

Isagenix starts by creating the most effective, cuttingedge products in the world. Because of Isagenix's commitment to "no compromise" products, nearly 300 people have lost 100 pounds or more and millions of inches have been shed worldwide. World-class athletes, nutritionists and doctors turn to Isagenix every day to provide powerful, healthy solutions to address a multitude of needs.
Isagenix uses word-of-mouth marketing as its distribution model, which enables it to reach a wider market and create a viable pathway for anyone interested in earning an additional or replacement income.

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Siti Hajar Sahmat
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About Us

D'Javean Shoppe is a joint online business venture by the Siti sisters who believes in one brand, Isagenix, that can make a life-changing experience for all. ^_^