New Owl Ramp Up!

Great Check List for New Owls and New Leaders!

Help your new owls feel awesome: organized, comfortable, prepared, and ready to rock!

New Owl Start Up List: this should come from you as a team leader-mentor (or YOUR mentor if you're new!)

  1. "Getting Your Wings Packet" FAQ, Log In info, contact info, etc. (I actually put most of the info below in one custom doc)
  2. Flyer's Direct link to order cards:

  3. Get your owl up on our Team Believe FB Page in addition to your own team page:

  4. Esig O2 Link to custom his-her signature

  5. Link Page of the most recent webinars at his-her fingertips
  6. Facebook Tips - Business Builder Docs, Social Media best practices, etc. help your owl create a FB page!
  7. Career Plan
  8. Pay Quicker FAQ and Link
  9. Jewelry Bar & Locket Tips: what sells best, merchandising help!
  10. Sample Flyers: fundraising, rack cards, wedding rack cards, etc.
  11. Know your new owl's dreams what can O2 make come true?
  12. How much time does your owl have to give?
  13. Sample Biz Plan (Plan of Action) Help her create one - use mine as a start-up idea guide
  14. Back Office Instructions: list of BO webinar links to make it handy and easy for her
  15. Inventory Tracker Sheet (excel) and recs for iPad apps, etc.
  16. Pictures! Most importantly of a Jewelry Bar, and of course different lockets, etc. I like to give my new owls a Shutterfly book of locket pix)
  17. Work parties with your new owl! Get a launch scheduled
  18. Communicate the best way to reach you: when you have your "office hours, etc."

DON'T FORGET - DON'T DELAY even if you are brand new:

This is THE TIME to Build Your Team & Help People You Know Reach a Dream
Share this opportunity - a team of only a few people will change your life in big ways...

  • Be Ready to Mentor!
  • Have all of the start up essentials ready to go
  • Inspire - Communicate - Share!

If you need help mentoring let me know - I'm here to help!

Realize that not everyone has lead a team before - this may be very new and unnatural for some in the beginning...

Make It Count! This is the time ot hit the ground running and becoem the "go to O2 rep" in your hood

Lean on me anytime!