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March 2nd - 6th

What's Happening at CMES!

March 4th - STEAM Night - 6:00pm (more information below)

March 10th - BMX Assembly - 9:00am & 10:00am

March 11th - PTO Meeting - 6:30 - 7:30pm

March 13th - PTO Bingo Night - 6:30 - 8:30pm

Each year the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) surveys parents of children receiving special education services in the State. The purpose of the survey – The Maryland Special Education Parent Involvement Survey – is to hear from parents about how well they think their child’s school is partnering with them and promoting parent involvement in their child’s education.

This Survey will help MSDE and each local jurisdiction understand how they can support you and support parents in educating Maryland’s children with disabilities. Help Spread the Word!

Gifted & Talented Student-Led Conferences

Last week, the Gifted and Talented Program held student-led conferences. Students displayed and discussed how they have progressed with their parents. Good Job Meerkats!
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Would you like to know what your child's grades look like before you get their Report Card? Sign up to get access to the Parent Portal. The Parent Portal will allow you to see your child's grade as soon as the teacher inputs them. This will allow you to have discussions with your child and the teacher about the grades they are earning. For more information contact the school at 410-996-5090.


Retake opportunities for scored assignments may occur. These should reflect an accurate, authentic performance of student understanding and learning.

  • Only assignments in content areas receiving letter grades are eligible for retake.
  • Assignments can only be retaken once.
  • Students will retake the assignment within ten school days after the initial assignment has been graded, entered into PowerSchool Gradebook, and returned to the student.
  • Students will retake the assignment at a mutually agreeable time during the school day.
  • The higher of the two grades will be recorded in the gradebook. The original score will be added in the Score Inspector section of the gradebook.

Preventing the Spread of Germs

Please remind your children to wash their hands before/after using the bathroom, before eating lunch, after blowing their nose, and after coughing/sneezing into their hands. The nurse has been getting a lot of kids with fevers this week, and we are trying to prevent the spread of germs. Remind them to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds (sing happy birthday), and have them wet hands first, then use soap, then rinse. Thank you!

Please Update Your Information

To ensure you get school closing information quickly please make sure the main office as your most up to date phone number and email.

Chronic Absences

Too many absences, excused or unexcused, can keep students from succeeding in school and in life. How many are too many? 10% of the school year—that’s 18 missed days or 2 days a month—can knock students off track and put them behind. Leaving early on a Wednesday, even though it's the early release day can negatively impact your child's education. Students who miss too much school score lower on tests in every state and city tested. Chronic absence affects all kids and not just the absent ones.

September 2019 - 95.1% 13th out of 17 elementary schools in CCPS

October 2019 - 94.4% 13th out of 17 elementary schools in CCPS

November 2019 - 92.9% 13th out of 17 elementary schools in CCPS

December 2019 - 92.6% 13th out of 17 elementary schools in CCPS

January 2020 - 91.5% 13th out of 17 elementary schools in CCPS

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Cecil Manor Elementary School Vision

Cecil Manor is dedicated to building and sustaining meaningful relationships to maximize student growth and potential.
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