Kelowna & Nimmo Bay Retreats


by Chad Linger

For our third annual retreat, we decided to venture off to Kelowna, the new home of Team Member JP Oughtred who works to establish Oughtred Coffee and Teas as a major player in the Okanagan Valley.

We used the weekend to bond as a group and review the new FBAVI manuals and tools that have been developed to support our Teams. Out of our weekend we developed a new blueprint for our monthly meeting structure which we have since implemented. We are now looking to further develop and refine the blueprint. Thank you to FBAVI for your hard work in putting the new programming and materials together for us.

We were treated to some Kelowna hospitality by Donna Denison, the founder of Little Creek Dressing. We toured her production facility, were provided with lunch and had a chance to learn about the growth of her start up family business and now the transition of the business to her son Jubi, as he looks to help grow the business.

The Team stayed at the amazing property of the Bottega, an exclusive farm inn on a working Alpaca farm. Nagging Doubt Winer was located next door and we connected with the proprietor and wine maker who invited us to taste good wine while informing us about his family business.

We enjoyed fabulous food and drinks at a number of restaurants and wineries in the Kelowna valley but the highlight was a catered four course dinner prepared by Relvas Catering that we got to enjoy at our lovely home for the weekend.

Nimmo Bay

by Jen Story

The annual FBA Team retreat is an important event that deepens commitment to the group. Our experience was inspiring, restorative and bonding.

Spending the weekend together allows for further trust building, as well as an understanding and appreciation for what each member contributes to the group. Then, when our monthly Team meetings resume, the ties are richer and deeper and in turn, the expertise, feedback and support of our mini Board of Directors can be more helpful.

This year, our group caravanned passed Campbell River to the town of Port McNeil. From there, we boarded a small boat that took us deep into the Broughton Archipelago. There are no cabins, developments or signs of civilization on the small beautiful islands that we snaked through - just absolute pristine natural beauty. After some time, we rounded a corner and cruised into a sheltered little bay- Nimmo.

Here, we disembarked from the boat and set foot on the raised boardwalks of Nimmo Bay -an intimate luxury wilderness resort nestled against the shoreline. Fraser Murray, one of our Team members, owns and operates this world class resort with his family and offered to host our retreat.

The resort's location was picked for the calm waters in the bay and the powerful waterfall that provides clean power to this environmentally sustainable resort. The complete remoteness and overwhelming natural beauty is coupled with absolute luxury and comfort at every turn. This odd and unusual pairing confuses your senses and leaves you with a surreal, inspired and awestruck feeling.

The setting alone provided bonding for our Team, as there was ample time for conversations in the dining lounge, by the fire or in the outside jacuzzi at the base of the waterfall. We had some scheduled activities - a goal planning exercise as well as a challenging trust and feedback exercise that were completed and shared during the course of the weekend.

On our final day, we experienced Heli fishing - a favorite guest experience at Nimmo - whereby we took off by Helicopter from the resort and spent the day finding rivers full of salmon. We'd land on the side of a chosen river, walk in with our waders and fish -catch and release. Then, we boarded the heli , explored more rivers, sighted grizzly bears and eventually landed on top of a glacier for a gourmet lunch.

A huge thank you to Fraser Murray and his team at Nimmo for providing their hospitality at the end of their busiest season.