Nuclear Energy

Pros and Cons, should it be used to product electricity


  1. Low building costs
  2. Large power generator
  3. reliable, it can produce electricity 24/7 and harsh weather conditions


  1. possible accidents
  2. targets for terrorism
  3. long construction time

My opinion

I am against nuclear power (Top 10 reasons)

1. Nuclear Power Stations are Prohibitively Dangerous.

2. Nuclear Power Stations are Prohibitively Expensive.

3. The Same Technology is Used for Power and Weapons.

4. Nuclear Waste is Dangerous for Thousands of Years.

5. Plants and Waste Storage are Vulnerable to Terrorist Attack.

6. They Epitomize the Centralization of Power.

7. Poor countries are made dependent on rich ones.

8. These plants draw funds away from the development of sustainable energy.

9. Uranium will become increasingly scarce.

10. Government supports nuclear power against the will of the people.