How I Learned to Cook

By: James Ho

Why I Chose to Learn How to Cook

The reason why I chose this skill to learn is because everyone eventually needs to learn how to cook. This skill is one of the basic needs of survival as no one wants to live with their parents for the rest of their lives so students such as myself should learn how to take care of myself. Thus, by learning how to cook, I will save hundreds of dollars of money by not going out to eat, I will be able to learn hundreds of recipes that I am fond of, and will be able to cook healthier meals at a cheaper price than if I would by the meal at a store or a restaurant.
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Gordon Ramsey

"Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it's too assertive to the naked eye."

James Ho

"Throwing something in a microwave is easy. But that is the one thing that separates the average person and a master chef. It is the truly great ones that turn cooking into an art."

Guy Fieri

"Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking. It's about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity."

"If you're cooking and not making mistakes, you're not playing outside your safety zone. I don't expect it all to be good. I have fat dogs because I scrap that stuff out the back door."

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