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Newsletter #2, 2013/2014


O2 - Be more dog & the theory behind it

The Search Challenge

What is this icon called? In Google Chrome and on apps on Android devices there used to be an icon of a wrench for when you wanted to go to settings. Now more and more developers are using a new 3 horizontal bar icon. Telling students to go to the 3 bars or 3 lines icon is awkward. Developers have a name for it. The first one to email with the correct answer wins a prize.

Could you teach without your projector?

As I walk down the halls, I see projectors running in empty classrooms. A projector bulb will last 2-3000 hours. or 2-3 school years. The bulb itself can cost $250-$350. Sometimes it can take 2-3 weeks to get a replacement. Please be conscientious and turn off the projector when it is not needed, so you will have it when it is needed.

Facilitator Corner

The Facilitator are continually creating and uploading educational videos to their YouTube channels.

Wendy's 5 Minute Math Tidbit Videos - (see the text message below)

Social Studies in a Snap videos will be published regularly as a way to inspire the use of different resources and instructional strategies that can be implemented “in a Snap”.

Lisa's (edtechlisa) YouTube channel contains Instructional Technology videos covering a number of subjects including Google and Technology Integration.

These projects are all about making learning for the teacher quick, easy, and to the point. Feel free to share your fabulous ideas on things that are working in your classroom or areas that you would like additional professional development.

You can subscribe to these YouTube Channels so that you don’t miss out on the latest, greatest tips and tools of the trade. To subscribe to a channel, search for the name and then click the Red Subscribe button.

The 7C's of Innovative Education - Creativity

"Creative and analytical thinking are not mutually exclusive. We should work to make them mutually supportive to engage the whole brains of our students" Amy Benjamin

What are some ways to foster creativity in your classroom?

  • Embrace creativity as part of learning
  • Use the most effective strategies
  • Think of creativity as a skill
  • Participate in or create a program to develop creative skills
  • Use emotional connections
  • Use a creativity model
  • Consider how classroom assignments use divergent & convergent thinking
  • Creativity flourishes in a "congenial environment".
  • Be aware during discussions
  • Click here to see the rest of the list

This LiveBinder contains Tips & Strategies, Tools, and more to help promote creativity in our students.

Warm Up with a Good Read by Mary Shelton

Leaves are swirling the cool breezes of fall, the sun is setting earlier each day, autumn is here and winter is not far behind. What could be a better way to spend the chilly evenings than snuggled up in a cozy chair with a great book to ignite the imagination. Here are a few novels that are sure to inspire your sense of adventure and curiosity.

Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card. Hurry and read it before everyone else see’s the movie. This was originally written as a YA novel but it will pique even the most mature mindsets. When the government needed the newest weaponry, they bred young child prodigies to train as soldiers. The implications from putting children on the front lines are endless. This takes the concepts of Hunger Games to a whole new level, they aren’t entertainment, children are our national defense!

The Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty. Secrets have no place in a marriage, but it is possible that this one should have been taken to the grave. Cecilia finds a letter meant to be read AFTER her husband’s death, but he is still very much alive. What will the letter reveal? How will their lives change forever? How can life return to normal after the secret is out? This one will have you on the edge of your seat and possibly just a little suspicious of your own spouse’s secrets.

Fifteen Minutes, by Karen Kingsbury. Fame is an elusive dream to most, but what would you do if you achieved overnight success? Zack Dylan is about to find out. This simple, God fearing young man from Kentucky has achieved stardom on the reality TV show Fifteen Minutes. While he may have the talent to achieve his dreams will he be able to hold onto reality? Tough choices must be made that could change his life, what is he willing to sacrifice, and in the end is it worth fifteen minutes of fame? A great look at the all to realistic life of reality TV stars. Anyone who is a fan of The Voice, or American Idol will appreciate this drama and suspense filled tale of life under the lights.