Serving a Meal

Carter Mast

Types of Meals

There are two types of meals, the Family style meal and the Plate service meal. The family style is where food is on a serving plate, and people help themselves and pass the dishes to each other. The Plate service style is where the food is already on each person's plate when it's brought to the table.

Setting the table

For setting the table you need tableware. Tableware is the things you need depending on the food. Examples of tableware would be plates, silverware, glasses, and some other dishes like bowls'.

Basic Table Manners

Table manners are a matter of courtesy, they make other people comfortable so the meal is enjoyable. Also, use good conversation to make the meal easier to digest. An example of table manners would be placing a napkin in your lap.

Clearing the Table

For clearing the table you should make sure everyone is finished eating. You should stand to the side of each person as you pick up the dishes. Make sure you do not scrape or stack dishes at the table.


You should always remember to keep safe in the kitchen or else the result could be charismatic. You should prevent things like falls, fires/burns, electrocution, and cuts. And, to prevent anything else happening you might want to use oven mitts, keep your hair tied back, clean plates thoroughly and more.


Sanitation is a need to know because if you don't disinfect a cut it could get infected. To help keep yourself safe you should clean up spills, always hold knives by the handle, and more just remember to use your common sense.

Why I Think it is Important to Know About Serving Meals, Safety And Sanitation

I think safety and sanitation in the kitchen is important because, if you don't use safety it could eventually hurt you or someone else and if you don't use sanitation it could make someone sick. Safety can make it so people don't get hurt as often. Sanitation can help it so people don't get sick. That is why it is important to know safety and sanitation during meals.